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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Unleash the Rage!

Saw a headline this morning..  Something about where Chelsea Clinton gives a speech and tells young listeners to 'harness their anger' i.e. the ballot box..

And the first thing that came to mind was a naughty 'C' word which always comes to mind when I think of this nitwit

Harness anger to the ballot box?

God.. what a corporate Wall-Street loving/serving bitch like her parents..
'Umm.. Chelsea dear.. sweetie pie..  Wife of a GoldmanSachs financier and someone who as never worked a day of your life for a corporation or foundation that did not donate Heavily to Pres. Clinton in the 1990s...

'Umm..  Which party would you be implying they vote for?

'Which candidate would you be um.. inferring??

That's all politicians do.. play upon anger and fear and control and manipulate it for donations and build upon  it until election and then we're all supposed to come together as one nation and love everyone

If people have anger deep inside them the last thing they should be doing is harnessing and repressing it, especially to a midterm election vote that is over five months away and a Presidential election twenty-nine months into the future...

Think about it in very simple mathematical terms..
There is a local election and 1,000 people take the time to vote..   When you divide 1 into 1,000, that one vote equals 0.001  or 1/10th of 1 percent of all votes tallied   (.1%)

If an election was held where a million people voted, your vote would be  1 divided by 1,000,000 which equals 0.000001 which translates to 1/10,000th of 1 percent (.0001%)

A Presidential election always generates at least 100 million votes even when the public is apathetic, so if you 'harnessed your anger' into your 2016 vote,  your voice represents 0.00000001 or 1/ten-millionth of 1 percent (.000001%)

How much power do you or we or anyone else have to change anything nationally when each of us possesses a vote the equivalent of one-ten millionth of one percent?!!

People shouldn't be harnessing anger.. they should be unleashing their rage.
At what?  At who?   That's for each individual to decide on their own because even though the System controls us all, we are not all victimized by the same specific apparatuses..

Yell and scream..   Post a million comments on a thousand message corporate message boards..  Organize boycotts..   Galvanize protest with like-minded souls.. block an entrance way.. throw a rock at anyone who says they work in finance..

We sincerely don't give a damn what you do to get the toxins out of you and into the public domain so the 'Man' starts to fear you but if you feel angry and frustrated, stop repressing it..

Stoicism is not respected.

That is the primary reason this blog was created 44 months ago..
We were full of rage and deeply pissed off at what happened in 2008 and all the lies and deceit and disgusting tricks and schemes to keep this rotten system afloat..

And the more we'd express what we knew verbally to those in our inner-circles, the more they'd get turned off because their brains just couldn't handle it..

Some would completely ignore the content of what we were verbally expressing and focus on our tone and vocal volume, as if its even remotely possible to express genuine passion and ire in a monotone

Others would listen.. nod.. then put their heads back into the sand and not even partake in a debate to agree or disagree

And of course others would only listen when we would attack the 'other' political party..  If we expressed it as evil-Bush and Cheney, some would happily listen..  Then close minds immediately when expressing despicable Obama..
And vice-versa as if one must be loyal to death toward a political party as one would a member of one's family..

So forty-four months ago we created 'Ants & Grasshoppers'- a 100% advertisement free, uncensored outlet for information and contrarian views not only on economy, finance and politics but all issues facing society and presented in a clear, unambiguous way

And not to toot horns, but 'A&G' has been a continual success in terms of readership and followers especially among other blogs so we know we're not alone out there among the dense soup-fog of propaganda that gives the appearance all is well...

We certainly aren't doing what we do for the money...

We don't charge anything..
We just want people to wake up and think and start acting..

Agree/disagree?  It doesn't matter if you think we're 100% wrong.

If we stimulate thought, we're happy..  If you do agree with us and feel embolden into some form of action, we're even happier..

Things are not getting better in this nation economically..   We sincerely wish they were but they are not..

We explained a multitude of times previously why currently its so..
A do-nothing President who will always find time to play golf, basketball or the race card

A do-nothing Congress including a cowardly impotent Republican Party who is so afraid of losing midterms, they can't even mold any attack on Obama without fear of being labelled racist..

And like the lobster in the pot, very slowly burning to literal death as the heat level rises, we are as a nation experiencing it as well..

The origin point is 1971 so that is 43 years and counting..

We left the gold standard and the quality in the standard of living or middle-class Americans has slowly disintegrated as inflation has gone up, the dollar's value has dropped and personal credit card debt was introduced in the early 80's to fill the void of smaller paychecks..
You can't be angry unless you know who you are angry at, and you can't put up a good fight until you know what you're fighting for..

And that fight is for economic survival.. And that of your children..

That Fed Reserve balance sheet has to be repaid..  The debt ceiling Obama keeps raising..  All the vacations and needless trips abroad..

Its no different than a personal credit card..

And everyone pays in one way or another..
Higher taxes.. less social services..  Social Security checks that never go up a penny while the cost of living increases 4-7% annually..

So stop being loyal elephant or dumb donkey..

Be angry!!  Be furious!!  Be vocal!!

Or continue being inconsequential...