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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where's Kennesaw Mountain Landis When We Need Him Most?

The following video below is from the 1919 World Series between the Chicago White Sox, otherwise known as the 'Black Sox' and the Cincinnati Reds..   It had only been recently discovered a couple months ago and is silent..

(** If it doesn't open when clicked or not visible, click the link below)

The video is pretty interesting in that its a snapshot of life 95 years ago..

For instance, notice how pretty much everyone at the ballpark is dressed in fine attire and not like complete utter slobs like many fans who attend baseball games today..

On the other hand, notice in the video the constant barrage of cigar and cigarette smoke from the patrons making the air toxic to breathe..   So maybe its better to sit among side non-smoking slobs than well-dressed chimney stacks..

Its also interesting to see later in the video how people in NYC 'watched' the game being played 1,000 miles away when there was no television
For those who don't know the story, back in 1919 eight members of the White Sox conspired with gamblers to fix the World Series.   In exchange for money, they agreed to throw it so the Reds would end up the victor..

Hardly anyone at the time except for the most keen gambler knew the Series was not on the level but pretty much everyone at the time kept their mouths shut..

In the off-season before the 1920 baseball season was to begin, word began to leak especially from those smaller gamblers who were participants in the fix but ended up losing money because they assumed the White Sox would lose 5 straight (that season it was a best of 9 series) and bet heavily on game 3 which Chicago won.

Ultimately the eight players were taken to court, sued by a disgruntled fan in 1921..
Problem was the trial was held by jury.. in Chicago..  And absolutely no way in Hades would Sox fans would find guilty and send to prison their star players..

So the eight crooked White Sox were found not-guilty..

And the big time gamblers including the orchestrator Arnold Rothstein were never touched by authorities and as such never spent a day in jail as a result of almost systematically destroying the game of baseball.

Step in one Kennesaw Mountain Landis, a judge who in 1907 came to national attention by fining Standard Oil of Indiana $29 million for violating federal laws forbidding rebates on railroad freight tariffs.

In today's money, that would be the equivalent of a $667 million fine.
~ Arnold Rothstein- gambler and racketeer; was murdered in 1928 for failing to pay a poker debt

Landis was made the first Commissioner of Major League Baseball prior to the White Sox player's trial in Chicago and was in attendance.

And in the long and short of it, Landis decided in the best interests of baseball that in spite of the verdicts of trials, those who gambled on baseball, or knew of such instances and did not come forward immediately, were to be banned forever from playing the game.

If not for Landis, there would have been no justice whatsoever for the deviance of those eight players and the disgusting gambling element that preyed upon baseball as they do any sport or competition where easy money was and is to be made..

Really no different that today..
~ Charles Comiskey, owner of the White Sox.. Was so cheap an owner that he made his players pay for their own laundry hence the original basis for 'Black' Sox

No Wall Street CEO or other top-dog piece of shit from a bank, insurance or investment firm or professional Investor has been arrested by the Justice Department..  Not One..

It was decided by the Attorney General and his higher-up that it would cause the market to deal with too much uncertainty and derail the imaginary 'recovery'

Bernie Madoff was arrested and incarcerated but he was small potatoes in comparison to those still in power of big-business today and the only reason he went down was he broke the Cardinal Rule of financial criminality..

He hurt the top 1%..

You can screw over anyone else..  But you better not hurt them..
~ Landis with the Greatest ballplayer ever.. Ty Cobb

So everyone involved in the financial crimes that led to the 2008 crash got away without even a wrist-slap, and to make it even more insulting, the same scum are revered on the financial news networks and newspapers as people who command respect and whose opinions matter..

We have no Kennesaw Mountain Landis..

Not in the Justice Department.. Not in the Presidency..

Baseball was able to ultimately regain the public trust due to Landis' resolute decision as well as the excitement over a massive home-run hitting anomaly known as 'The Babe'
~ Landis shaking hands with The Babe..   Bob Meusel to the right

America.. those who know the truth, have zero trust and faith in this government and Wall Street and have no belief things will ever get better..

They've seen no evidence anyone in power wants things to change and are basically in a holding pattern waiting for the other shoe to drop i.e. the Big market crash that makes all others pale in comparison..

And those who still believe in their elected leaders and equate strong Dow with strong economy and other grandiose notions of US superiority...

The naive are like hibernating bears...  Just better to let them sleep.