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Friday, June 20, 2014

6/20/14: Q&A in 25 words or less

Its Friday, its practically officially summer and here in our neck of the 100 Acre Woods at least its simply lovely outside..

So we'll keep today's posting somewhat short by going back to one of our tried n' true:  our 25 words or less segment..

Questions are asked on various topics in many words and answers are given in yep.. 25wds or less..

Let's begin..

Q:  According to a new survey from WSJ and NBC News, President Obama's approval rating has dropped to 41%, a majority of Americans disapprove of his handling of foreign policy issues, he has lost support from the Hispanic community and Americans actually think his administration is less competent than the Bush White House post-Hurricane Katrina..   Any thoughts?

A: When liberal biased NBC pretty much declares your Presidency as 'over', then well.. Be interesting if Dems shun Obama in 2016 like Bush was...

Q: Today the U.S. cut aid to Uganda and cancelled a joint military exercise as protest over their anti-gay law..  Is this Good, Bad or Irrelevant.. ?

A: Its consistent; Obama's foreign policy treats All our political allies like Shit..   Uganda is key Western ally in fight against Islamic extremism in Somalia

Q:  It was stated recently that the approval rating for Congress was at an all-time low of 7%... What does that mean and what should one glean from it where the mid-term elections are concerned?

A:  Means nothing.. The last election Congressional re-election rates topped 90%;  The "All politicians are crooks.. Except mine" mindset

Q:  The Mortgage Bankers Association yesterday lowered its new and existing home sales forecast for 2014 to 5.28 million -- a decrease of 4.1% that would be the first annual drop in four years. The industry group also cut its prediction on mortgage lending volume for purchases to $751 billion, an 8.7% decline and the first retreat in three years.  Any opinions?

A: Why is this a surprise to anyone?!  Finally after 6 years, savings has dried up and mortgage rates rising to where purchasing isn't affordable..
Q:  Do you think minimum wage should be raised and if so, to what?

A:  Used to think so.. Not anymore..  Only 2% of Americans make specifically $7.25/hour.. A 33% increase will cause prices to rise 33%

Q: Follow up.. But certainly one would agree not all who make base wages and work in retail, service, etc are lazy, good for nothing shits who treat customers poorly while using their work time to socialize.. They deserve a fair wage don't they?

A:  A&G plan: Keep minimum wage as is But annual raises of 5-15% based upon duration AND customer survey evaluations

Q:  A Very good article on terrible customer service yesterday.. I'm in 100% agreement.  But what can one do when complaints are filed and either they get ignored or you get lip service?

A: Squeaky wheels get greased.  Know what you want.. Be firm.. Persistent.. Unfortunately its hard to fire someone so expect gift card 'apology' instead

Q:  You made a lot of great points recently concerning poor customer service and the fact no one cares, but corporations are so large..  How can one fight them and expect to win?

A:  You 'win' by having zero loyalty or emotional connection to any store or brand name.  You also 'win' by complaining and causing inconvenience.

Q: The Patent Office recently rescinded the 'Washington Redskins' name and logo as 'racist'..  Bad precedent?

A: First activist judges, now patent clerks.. Appeal will take years and be overturned.  PC people are like terrorists.. they only go after soft targets.

Q: 'Ben and Jerry' Ice Cream has recently released two new 'Saturday Night Live' inspired creations..  Any ideas or flavors that you'd create?

A: Token Blackberry (SNL hired a token black actress and two black female writers mid-season to appease those complaining of lack of diversity) 

Q: Overall what should one expect financially, politically and otherwise this summer?

A: More malaise.. More BS social-agenda issues..  More profit for the most powerful and wealthy.. And lazy sunbathers not wishing to be disturbed...

Now we're off to enjoy a ladybug picnic..

Happy Weekend~