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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A&G Enemies' List Continued.. 'Hollywood & its China Relationship'

~ The famous Hollywood sign- 1974

We had so much fun compiling our initial five 'enemies' yesterday , that right after posting we sat around and had a spirited pow-pow as to who or what else could be included on our Enemies List..

We decided rather than another list with short explanation, we'd just stay focused on one topic..

And today's newest addition to our Enemies' List...


God how we Hate Hollywood!!
~ "My dress was designed by Anale Canalae.. His creativity just makes you open up and go Ahh!"

Hate the utter garbage they produce with 95% aimed at the lowest common denominator in order to ensure the biggest bottom line, and the other 5% being extremely politically/socially biased and manipulated tripe which gets Oscar nods..

For instance, what is the last film you've seen where a white man is wrongly accused of raping or killing a black child in an urban city and only the bravery of his tireless attorney keeps an innocent person from life behind bars?

Now, how many times have you seen or heard about films where a black man is wrongly accused of raping or killing a white child in a southern or Midwest town and yadda yadda..

We hate how their motion picture ratings board treats the human body unclothed and two people engaging in sincere sexual expression as so vile and disgusting that it must get 'R' or 'NC-17' rating which is the box office kiss of death and Yet..
You can show killing, maiming and brutal torture a thousand ways till Friday..  Let that blood squirt freely and sadism run amok with non-stop gunplay with endless bullets spitting out and..  PG-13

And we won't even get into their complete un-originality-- remakes and sequels and prequels and endless films about comic book characters because it seems we can't face a dim view of life and the bleakness of the future unless it takes place in Gotham City and there's a fucking 'Batman' to save us..

But what really has our ire about those soulless, valueless money-collectors in Hollywood is their cow-towing to China and allowing them to have input in their movie-making decisions..
It shouldn't be a surprise.. Our own government and we mean the Clinton, W Bush, AND Obama Administrations refuse to admit publicly that China manipulates and debases their currency..

Guess it has something to do with the Trillion or so dollars we owe that nation

Ever notice no movie has the Communist Chinese as a villain anymore?

Nope, now its those 'evil' North Koreans..   Why?  Make China the baddie and your shit film is banned...  N Korea?  Well, its banned no matter so nothing to lose..  Can pick on them all you want..
~ Poster for new film 'The Interview'.. 

Sometimes movies will put Chinese actors in the film solely to appease that nation.   James Cameron, director of 'Avatar' has said publicly he's considering hiring Chinese to play Na'vi in sequels so it will make more money in that market

Often studios will allow the Communists advanced screening so they can be determined what should be edited out or changed prior to release..

An excellent article in the UK Daily Mail in May, 2013 shines a light on this common practice using 'Iron Man 3' as its example..

"The execs behind the mega-successful Iron Man 3 went to great lengths to make the movie more appealing to the growing Chinese audience - including toning down the ethnicity of the lead villain. 
Iron Man’s legendary nemesis, The Mandarin, was changed from a Chinese-born villain to a man who is certainly not Chinese at all and not really evil at all. He is played by British actor Ben Kingsley...

An additional four minutes of Chinese scenes were included for viewers in that country giving a minor plot twist and a few shots of female heartthrob Fan Bingbing and another local Chinese star, Wang Xueqi, against a Chinese background.

In addition, director Shane Black shot scenes in Beijing and used famous Chinese actors who do not appear in the International version. He even signed product placement deals with Chinese companies.

Fan Bingbing has an ever-so-brief role in an extra Iron Man 3 scene as a nurse. She has even been tipped to star in the next Marvel movie X-Men: Days of Future Past...
The overseas total for Iron Man 3 is $664.1 million across 55 territories with an incredible $95.2 million from China...

Why all the sudden interest in how many Chinese are going to the movies?

Although Iron Man 3 is a 'foreign' film, it was also carefully engineered so as to appeal to as many of the 1.3 billion people as possible.

Disney, who produced the film had China’s DMG Entertainment Group on board which gave the film makers unique access to the country when it came to shooting.
~ Robert Downey, Jr..  

DMG is a Chinese company, with 900 employees in China with headquarters in Beijing. It means that the film could almost be considered domestically Chinese which provides extra benefits.

Instead of standing up to Chinese censorship, desperate to secure the release of 'Iron Man 3' in China, Disney played ball with the authorities allowing the country's censors to vet scripts, visit sets in the U.S. and even give suggestions on other creative decisions.

China has become world’s second-largest film market, after the United States but so different are Chinese laws, customs and tastes that American studios will do whatever it takes to have their film distributed there."

But totally OK to dehumanize the North Koreans..
~ Chinese infantry..  Not North Korean..

Guess its nothing new.. In the 1930s, Hollywood bent over backwards to appease Nazi censors and this was when the studios were 100% run by Jewish people..


"A debate is raging over Hollywood's alleged collusion with the Nazis. At stake: the moral culpability of Jewish studio heads during cinema's golden age.

The catalyst is a forthcoming book from Harvard University Press, The Collaboration: Hollywood's Pact With Hitler, by the 35-year-old historian Ben Urwand...
By late 1938, Hollywood's stance toward the Nazis changed, though even then, the films strangely devoid of explicitly Jewish characters. But why did it take so long for the studios to cross cinematic swords with the F├╝hrer?

For Urwand, the answer is in the archival evidence: bald complicity with the Nazis. It came down to hardheaded business decisions..

Urwand unearthed evidence that suggests the studios were not merely self-censoring in an effort to keep their shareholders, audiences, and industry and government monitors happy. Rather, he says, the studios began working in detailed coordination with Nazi officials, putting profits above principles.

Largely through the Third Reich's vice consul in Los Angeles, Georg Gyssling, the Nazi-Hollywood relationship gave Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, effectual power over what films got made, what scenes got cut, which stars and filmmakers were blacklisted, and which Jewish studio employees in Germany were fired. 
The Germans demanded say not just over American films shown in Germany but over those shown anywhere. Nazi emissaries visited theaters worldwide to report back on whether promised scene cuts had in fact been carried out. 

If not, the officials scolded the studios and threatened to close German production and distribution markets to them. The studios, year after year, would promptly grovel and comply."

Hollywood even funded the Nazi war machine back in the early 1930s:

"MGM didn't have a newsreel operation and was losing most of its profits to German banks because of draconian Nazi finance laws. 
~ Louis B Mayer.. head of MGM in the 1930s.. 

To diminish that loss, as Urwand discovered in one of his most damning archival finds, MGM instead lent money to firms that manufactured Nazi armaments in Austria and the Sudetenland, received bonds in exchange for those loans, then sold the bonds to an American bank. 

"In other words—the largest American motion-picture company helped to finance the German war machine," Urwand writes."

Full article can be read HERE

Hollywood is complete utter Shit..
It is completely bankrupt of morals, ethics and picks n' chooses its heroes and villains solely on profit more than any sense of righteousness or desire for historical or current-events accuracy..

China is a repressive, backwards nation..

It has not changed one iota from the days of Tiananmen Square where around 2,000 people were killed in a 2 day period in June 1989 for standing up to their oppressive Communist government..

It still censors all information and has the power to make corporations like Google spy for them

It also still regulates how many children a Chinese family is allowed to have: one child,  and the average Chinese worker receives a pathetic 1000 to 2000 RBMs a month (their currency is the rembini) which in US dollars equals $162.57 to $325.14 ($1 to $2 a Day!)
~ Wonder if she is daydreaming about when Seth Rogen & James Franco's "The Interview" will be released..

And Shit Hollywood doesn't have the guts nor desire to depict China as it truly is but will keep making one insipid anti-slavery picture after another, an issue that was put to rest 150 years ago..

We know people will keep going to the movies..  You can't put that Constant need for entertainment 'toothpaste' back into the 'tube' once expunged..

But if you're going to roll around in the thick grass, at least you should be able to identify the Snake