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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Recession is A-Comin' & Ways to Effect Change

Today the final adjustments were made on the GDP of the first quarter of 2014..

The initial numbers showed -1.0% decline

The 'experts' expected it to be downward revised to -1.8%

And the final tally..

2014 1Q GDP was -2.9%, the lowest since 2009
Not that anyone really cares..

Not that anyone really knows what the figure means or pays the slightest attention..

We admit it.. We sincerely hope the 2Q will be the same or worse because it will mean certain things will take place..

1) We will be 'officially' in recession again (two quarters in a row of negative growth) which is Extremely important because too many dim-witted people (not our readers) believe we've been in Recovery..

This forces the Obama Administration and the financial world and the corporate media to have to say the word 'Recession' and ultimately it will seep down to the dum-dum masses
Sorry but when we see big shiny balloons of 'optimism' based on naivety, we take out our big, long sharp pins and start a-poppin'

2)  If bad enough, it will trigger another downsizing which we look at as 'good' because we are sick and tired of the complacency people have; the calm quiet patience that things will simply get better because, well...   just because..

No!   To paraphrase from the 1975 film 'Network', you gotta' get Mad and say 'I'm a human being, God Dammit~..

And you're not going to take things anymore as is, and target those who are systematically decimating your quality of life and that of your children, and ultimately their children..
Dems.. Reps.. Both despicably evil and self-serving..

Specific individual politicians may not be but as political parties, its like picking between McDonald's or Burger King..  both places will serve food which will fatten you up and clog your arteries..

And both parties are deviant..  Been that way for generations but in times of financial hardship, that's when people really feel it..

Of course back in the depths of the horrible Great Depression, you had a President in FDR who actually tried to do things to get people working and get the economy growing through the people instead of bypassing them like today..
People have less than they once had and what most do have is being taken from them little by little through the increased costs of life even though the Fed refuses to acknowledge inflation exists...

Higher health, home and auto insurance.. Higher food and gas prices..

Everything going up except that paycheck and that welfare/Social Security check and many people just quietly stew or get depressed and then distract the mind with TV, movies, sports and for some, alcohol/drugs..

So how does one make their voice heard?

Admittedly there's little one can do as an individual to make a difference in terms of writing a meaningless letter to the President or local representative..
Collectively though if you find like-minded individuals or start something grass-roots on your own, then you have some weight behind to get heard or seen..

Also, whether as individuals or collective, learn how to be civilly disobedient and how to make that strategy most effective to suit your goals..

For instance, Martin Luther King did not successfully stop segregated busing in Montgomery, Alabama back in the early 1960s by making some speeches with catchy cadences or waving some magic wand..

He organized, galvanized then led a very successful boycott that crippled the local economy and forced them to change..
Also a good way to be heard is to create your own media.. a blog or podcast or newspaper circular..  You get to be your own editor in chief, you control your content, your message and no one can censor you..

And if like minded people discover and read or listen like the strong following we've cultivated here over the years, then at the very least you can have a voice and possibly inspire others..

And if you don't have the time or energy, then flood comment boards of mainstream news and finance sites they systematically lie and distort..

And if you get banned or blocked as we have been at times, simply create a new log-in ID and keep fighting..
Because no one in positions of power are really looking out for you..

Obama is a complete total do-nothing with an approval rating hovering around 40% which is pathetic because it means that individual not only has no support from the opposition but 20% of those who did support him, no longer do..

And Republicans lack of concern can best be expressed by paraphrasing Mitt Romney during the last election who stated with brutal honesty and clarity, ""I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there."

The Reps also share Mitt's view at the time concerning 47% of Americans, "(They) believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. ... My job is not to worry about those people."
So you have a President who is Wall Street's 'boy', a Democratic party that could do so much more legislatively to create good paying jobs but chooses not to because they think the 'gridlock' strategy works better for mid-terms, and a Rep party who unlike Marie Antoinette, doesn't even think most of the working class deserve to eat cake..

And the masses are confused..  Who to vote for? Who will save us?

There's just too much complacency and immobilization

So if it takes a dramatic decline in GDP this quarter, a market crash or any other trigger to jolt people out of perpetual slumber and into a survival mode where they make their voices heard, then let it be..