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Monday, June 16, 2014

How to Read Online Newspapers with Paywalls for Free..

A short post today..

We're not sure which peeves us more..  Mainstream news sites like the NY Times, Forbes and Financial Times that spin lie upon lie to keep this "recovery" and rigged financial game in play..

Or that they dare to charge money for this information..

We, 'Ants & Grasshoppers' are free and we're more informative, honest and truthful than any of those profit making papers..

We believe all information should be free to the public...

So here's how you can read pretty much any online news source you wish even if it has a limit in terms of # of articles monthly..

Maybe you know this tip already but we never assume..  It makes an 'Ass' out of 'U' and.. well not 'Me'..  Grins~

Anyways, here's how you do it..

Find a story headline that interests you on a paid site like say the Financial Times..

Then either copy/paste or manually type the full article you wish to read from your source into the search bar, then press 'Enter'..

Usually you will see a small list of articles with that title..

Click the first one.. it will open fully

Ta Da!  Done..

Google bypasses the blockers that non-paying subscribers must deal with with free articles are used up..

It is a little time consuming we admit especially if you want to read many articles but free is free

Some will say this is information theft or 'stealing'..

Not in the least..

Stealing would be to hack into the website, take a password or break the code 'wall' that separates paying readers from free..

These sites knowingly and willingly allow Google to have access.

Now on occasion, an article you seek may still be blocked when going through the Google route..

So what to do?
Simple.. Go to a non-US Google page such as UK Google ( or Google Australia ( and this will bypass any blocking meant toward US readers

Also, remember all these newspapers and magazines can be accessed and perused for free at any time at your local library if one felt like taking a drive over to one..

So the information is already free for those who wish to make an effort..

There's other ways to read papers like NY Times for free but we just find this way the quickest and most efficient..