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Monday, June 2, 2014

Stoicism is Dead.. Only Squeaky Wheels Get the Grease

Today to make a bigger point, we're going to start with two scenario questions..  Things that actually happened to members of our staff within the last week, and give options to which you the reader can decide what would you do if it were you?

Scenario #1..  

A major pizza chain which we will not mention had a promotion where if a Major League baseball pitcher threw a no-hitter, the first 20,000 people registered with who sent in a submission, would get a code for a free medium two-topping pizza

Last Sunday Josh Beckett of the Los Angeles Dodgers threw a no-hitter vs the Philadelphia Phillies so the promotion was to commence the following Wed at 3p..
Problem was their servers were down and ultimately crashed so anyone trying to get on the webpage it was nearly impossible.   This went on for 45 minutes..

Finally when servers were up and running, the message on screen was that the 20k pizza codes were handed out and promotion was closed.

Question:   What would you do?

A)  Nothing..  its no biggie
B)  Be miffed for a couple minutes but, hey that's life..
C)  Be super miffed & not order from that pizza chain for a while
D)  Write a complaint letter..
E) Write a complaint letter and demand they 'do the right thing' and send you a code for a medium pizza since it was no fault of your own that you couldn't resister properly under the rules of the promotion
Sincerely..  which option would you choose if it was you?

Scenario #2..

You go to a major steakhouse chain with a friend and order steaks and salad to go and you don't check the contents of what was provided to you until you get home which is a 15-20min drive away..

When you open the contents of the packaging, you see that not only are there pieces of lettuce and other garbage in the salad dressing container but that medium steak you ordered is actually cooked rare..

Question:   What would you do?
A)  Nothing.. just eat it
B)  Be miffed for a couple minutes but, hey that's life..
C) Be super miffed & not order from that steakhouse chain for a while or ever again
D) Physically get in your car.. drive 15-20min and demand refund or it be re-cooked
E)  Call the restaurant to complain
F)  Call the restaurant to complain and demand a gift card to reimburse for the money wasted on a meal that was not up to specification

Sincerely..   which option would you choose if it was you?
Everyone has different answers for these two scenarios based on practicality, time considerations, etc..etc..

We can tell you the person who couldn't get through on the no-hitter promotion wrote a letter demanding a medium pizza credit..  Two days later it was received via email...

And we can also tell you the other staff member who was unhappy with their meal called the restaurant and will be getting a gift card to cover what was spent which should arrive in the mail in the very near future...

And we will risk offending when we say anyone who would do nothing.. take no course of action and just accept things is pathetic!
Because in this world, whether it be a pizza, a steak or getting this do-nothing President and Congress to give a shit about you, the old adage applies equally...

"The squeaky wheel Always gets the grease!"

No one respects stoicism and the mindset of keeping problems to oneself..  That attitude died with John Wayne..

Like it or not, today's society is one of recourse..

Someone does you wrong.. a neighbor or stranger or friend, you litigate
A business provides an unsatisfactory product or service, you demand it be done right or the cost be refunded...

Now what about the government?   How do people seek recourse against them..  They seem so far away.. so all-powerful..

Same mantra applies.. Except it takes more than a sprinkling of individuals making 'squeaks' to be heard.. It takes a collective mobilization of thousands upon thousands of voices be heard...

And not just for a couple hours on a pleasant weekend before everyone goes back to normalcy...

It takes a sustained 'Squeak'.. the kind like fingernails constantly scratching a chalkboard where the target's figurative/literal nerves can't take the sound...
We've been in a continual recession-depression since 2007 so that's seven years now.. It started under Bush who bent over backward to protect the status quo.. He did little to nothing to alleviate things in his last year in office

And for about 6 years now, Obama has shown he is a pompous peacock who loves to travel and mettle in social issues but when it comes to job creation, an utter do-nothing; Wall Street's 'boy'...

And if you only agree with half that assessment, you're too deeply attached and loyal to whatever political party you belong to

Part of the problem is the groups that made the most noise and did the most outward protesting of President Bush's policies back in the say are kept very silent because they all are liberal and supportive overall of Obama
They don't want to make him look bad..

That and the Dem Party threatened to cut funding if they did protest..

Think about it rationally..  

Remember all the protests when Bush got us into Iraq basically for oil and to avenge Saddam trying to kill his dad...
Well we're year 13 in Afghanistan and still involved in Iraq and this administration has sent unarmed predator drones into over a dozen Middle East and African countries to bomb and kill civilians..

Nary a peep..

Totally OK we used NATO forces to assassinate Gaddafi simply because he was financially self-sufficient and was at the time only 1 of 4 nations to not owe money to the US controlled IMF (North Korea, Iran and Cuba are the only 3 left not to owe money to global banks)

Totally OK we openly and actively sought to engage in a war in Syria where we'd ally ourselves with al Qaeda and perfectly acceptable we pick a needless fight with Russia over their right to re-acquire Crimea risking a second Cold War..

Once again.. Nary a peep..
Where are all the anti-war protests?

Silence..  Deafening disingenuous silence..

And how's the economy today?

Things are getting to the point where we're going to be officially in another recession which the only positive being it will shut up all the nitwits in government, finance and media still saying we're in recovery..

What's the latest economic news indicators being released today?
ISM Manufacturing dropped to 53.2, significantly missing expectations.

US Construction spending rose a mere 0.2% month-to-month missing the 0.7% expectations by the most since March 2013

Add this with -1% GDP for 1Q 2014 and all other indicators and things are finally going to outwardly show what we've been stating for years..

Nothing can be fixed if there's no one fixing anything.

If life whether it be getting a pizza or getting a job, you have to make your voice heard.. you have to unite with like-minded individuals and make the government pay attention to you..   And be consistent..
Don't be like the Occupy Wall Street movement which occupied everything under the sun Except Wall Street and were contented to live like bums in parks

Squeaky wheels get the grease but sometimes it takes a harsh shrill..

What are you prepared to do if anything to get those who can help you to care and pay attention to do so?

Or is your life no biggie?