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Monday, June 23, 2014

The A&G Enemies List

One of the things Richard Nixon was famous for after Watergate scandal was compiling an 'Enemies List' of people and groups he absolutely abhorred..

While to some, this behavior might seem a bit loony, we actually can see the therapeutic side and thus for fun, we at A&G sat around the campfire over the weekend, toasting marshmallows, capturing lightning bugs in jars and compiling our enemies list..

We left off friends and family, neighbors and nitwits we encounter every day and kept this to individuals and entities somewhat in the public eye meaning you could Wiki anyone or anything we list..

This is not ranked in any order.. How many of the following would be on your enemies' list?
1)  NAR

This is the National Association of Realtors and not to be confused with NRA which is National Rifle Association..

The NAR is Far more dangerous than the NRA...

The NRA can tell you something like "Guns don't kill, people do" and they are really not pulling the wool over people's eyes because most have strong convictions on the issue of gun control and either fully agree or think that's full of hogwash.

The NAR on the hand lies and distorts Incessantly..   It borders on Pathological...
They have one goal..  Get people buying and selling homes so the Realtors who pay them those hefty annual dues keep making those plump commissions off the transactions..

They won't ever lie about facts and figures..  They just will take the information and 100% of the time spin into an unrealistic false-positive.

For example it was recently released that Existing Home Sales beat expectations at 4.89 million annualized.

The lying liars at the NAR then declared "the sale decline is over" while completely and Intentionally ignoring that its the 7th month of year-over-year declines and most of this uptick is coming from homes priced at $1mil and upwards and the percentage of first time home buyers continues to plummet (now at an anemic 27%)..
But what does that evil entity the NAR care?

This is a terrible time to buy a home.. been that way since 2006

The media lazily contacts them every time a housing story is written, they present their package of lies which is then printed in 10s of thousands of newspapers and media sites across the internet and who really wants to question something 'optimistic'?

2)  Billionaires

We have no problem with people being wealthy especially when earned..

Millionaire?  Very nice..   Multi-Millionare?  Well-done..

Billionaire?  Evil, greedy and parasitic..
Some will say we've gone off the deep end or we should focus on charitable deeds and other philanthropy of these excessively wealthy people..

Instead of replying 'Bullshit!', we'll keep this classy and instead cry 'Balderdash!'

One Billion dollars is $1,000,000,000

To give a semblance of perspective, LeBron James, arguably the best player in the NBA this moment made $19.07mil for the 2013-14 season

When you divide that into a billion, Lebron would need just over 52 Years and not spend a penny of his earnings to reach that 10-figure total..
No one and we mean NO ONE earns a billion dollars being a moral, ethical person..  You have to crush a lot of competition especially upstarts..  You have to dominate and virtually monopolize the business you're in and be a heartless bastard in the process..

Bill Gates is a good example of all three..

And then when richer than God or so one believes, then its given back to the lowly peons with of course the individual's name attached so generations present and future will only think kindly upon such rottenness..

History is littered with people like these..  The banking and oil barons of the day, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Warren Buffett..   Men who would at times literally seek to kill those who dared to strike for an extra dime wage per hour then when near death, build gigantic foundations and sponsor everything under the sun as long as their name was attached..
Take the time to really study the biographies of these ultra-wealthy men, especially of times past and you will see how revolting these creatures were..

3)  Political Correctness

How we genuinely despise them.. Couldn't even begin to count the ways..

PC people are like terrorists..  They're both cowards that aim at soft targets where their victims are woefully unprepared and suffer horribly at their hands..

In this PC world we live in, 'Racist' is now akin to 'Rapist' and if you are in the public eye and utter the slightest off-hand comment, much less say 'Nigger', you might as well have molested little children because your life is virtually over..

Michael Richards who played 'Kramer' on Seinfeld years back yelled 'Nigger' a few times to black audience members who were taunting him and trying to disrupt his act..   Never heard from the guy again...
Paula Deen testified she said the word 'Nigger' about an attacker once while in a fit of anger..  Every cowardly sponsor bolted..  Stores refused to sell her products.. Deen degraded herself by publicly apologizing at every turn..   She'll never ever be the national success she once was..

And we know all about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his vindictive mulatto girlfriend secretly and illegally recording his private thoughts for public exposure..

BTW, we say the word not to shock or because we love saying it..  Rather we will not allow any individual or entity to control our language choices-- That falls under 1st Amendment Constitutionally protected Freedom of Speech and Expression.

Besides, no word is That offensive when a group continually calls each other that in friendship...
And of course the PC pricks targeting the Washington Redskins when they neither have the guts to seek to attack real historical symbols of prejudice like the US flag or the slightest interest to combat Native American poverty and alcoholism on the reservations..

The PC pricks are bean-counters except they've no interest in maintaining a fair or equitable representation of white 'beans'.. only those with shades of brown..

To the PC pricks, its perfectly OK if white police or firefighters or teachers, etc are discriminated against and deprived a job or the ability to advance...  Just don't do it to minorities..

And the worst part are most PC pricks are really white-guilters who feel a shame about themselves and want to right perceived 'wrongs' that they themselves did not instigate but believe they caused..
Thanks to them, thoughts and opinions are now 'crimes' and if you're in the public eye, expect to lose everything you spent a lifetime building..

Ironically, the PC pricks do not mind Anti-Semitism too much..  Mel Gibson still keeps making movies including the upcoming 'Expendables 3'.. another mindless violent piece of shit written, directed, starring and probably catered and dolly gripped as well by Sylvester Stallone.

Then again a Jewish comedian will disparage and degrade their own people far worse and more viciously than pretty much any non-Jew i.e. Sarah Silverman instantly coming to mind who will even tell Holocaust jokes for shock value..

Very sad actually..

4)  College Education

We don't hate education at all.. quite the opposite..
We hate the whole apparatus of college education in today's society and we don't just speak of those deviously insidious student loans which choke 18 yr olds into a lifetime of perpetual debt...

We hate the young people do not go to college usually to expand their minds but simply to learn and do the bare minimum to get that degree and enter the emotion and mind-numbing workforce that chews up its employees then spits them out the first chance they get..

We hate that Colleges and Universities force students to take 120 credit hours when really for most, 60 would be plenty and would cut the time needed to attend and pay for classes in half..

And that leads us to #5..
5)  Employers

We hate that employers really only give a shit where you attended and not what you learned or know..  And show us an employer that will consciously hire someone clearly smarter than themselves who will ultimately take their job, and that's a true rarity

Worse yet, they don't seem to believe that 'Good Will Huntings' exist i.e. people so intelligent and self-motivated that they self-educated themselves and avoided the System trap of 'higher learning'..

Most professions, one could easily get the knowledge on their own by going to their local libraries and just setting up a study schedule similar to a class schedule then bearing down and keeping to it, but bastard employers don't trust or believe an individual can be that successful on their own..

And so that forces people who don't need college and shouldn't have to attend, to commit massive amounts of time and money to a fruitless endeavor to get a worthless piece of paper with the word 'Harvard' or 'Yale' on it..
In 1974, it cost a student $5,745 for a year of studies.. The average salary then was $13,094 meaning a year at Harvard cost 44% of that amount..

Today, a student there will pay $39,000 with the average salary today at $45,000 meaning attending Harvard represents 87% of an average salary..

And its pretty much the same English and History 101 courses

Well that was fun..

Many more to add to the list but five is a good starting point..