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Friday, June 13, 2014

World Cup Thoughts & Observations

Its Friday and the subject is World Cup soccer so if that bores, you can stop reading now, and we shall say a friendly 'Ta-Ta' and see you back Monday..

Oopsie.. We just shunned 99.999% of our US readership for a day..

Do'h!  ~slaps own head

Oh well.. we soldier on..

Yours truly is a rarity.. A 4th generation or longer US born Caucasian who Loves the World Cup and is actively excited to see it kick off once again.
I think there's about 6-7 or of us.. Most other Americans who love soccer and follow the event are either recent Americans or have strong cultural ties to the sport..

The rest just snub their noses..

Literally one afternoon every four years, US sports talk radio decides because they are bored to devote maybe an hour to talk about World Cup, specifically why Americans don't care...

And you hear about how soccer/futbol is not ingrained in US culture and there's so many other sports to choose from, etc..etc..

Here's the real reason most Americans don't give a fig about soccer or World Cup and never will and its pretty much the same reason blacks don't watch hockey, NASCAR or men's tennis to name a few..
Americans will Only follow sports in which they completely dominate..

To compete or be competitive is simply not enough..

Blacks only care about golf because of Tiger, women's tennis because of the Williams sisters and when these people retire or simply stop winning, they will stop pretending they care about the sport and go back to basketball & football..

Americans know there is absolutely no chance ever that we will put up a World Cup team to compete with the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, England and other global powerhouses

And Major League Soccer will never ever be akin to England's Premier League, Spain's La Liga, Italy's Serie A or Germany's Bundesliga to name just a few..   The MLS is the equivalent talent-wise to AAA minor league baseball.
And so if we can't win something, we won't watch it..

Now we don't mind hosting World Cups

And based on some rumors spread yesterday, if Qatar has the hosting duties in 2022 stripped based on an on-going bribery scandal, the WC would be held in the States

When you host, it means constant media attention; biased announcers over-glorifying the host nation (Ex: The horrific way the 2010 South Africa cup was covered)

It also means an automatic bid so no matter how terrible your national soccer team, if you host, you get to send them automatically to be stomped to the ground by the World's best..
Its very hard to have a genuinely positive relationship with different peoples of different backgrounds/beliefs around the world when something they love and care about so much, is reacted upon with pinched nose by others as akin to silly or boring

Guess no one's ever sat through a 4 hour or more baseball game or watched NASCAR on Fox..

So far there's been one match..  Brazil sleptwalked for about 30min then decided to start trying and defeated Croatia..  Many more matches to follow of course..

It did seem a bit silly prior to the match to have three children walk to the middle of the pitch i.e. field and release doves of peace when there's so much military conflict going on presently and its looking like we may be back into Iraq as things deteriorate..
We thought that schlock was reserved for the Olympics..

We also hope Brazil's economy can survive all this expensive fun and frolic..  World Cup today..  Summer Olympics in 2016..

South Africa, that backwards impoverished nation that like Israel, Egypt and 20+ other nations receives financial aid from the US annually shelled out $3.9 billion just so it could have its moment in the sun to strut its peacock feathers..

They only attracted 220k tourists outside Southern Africa to visit which means according to CNN/Money, South Africa spent $13,000 per tourist...

Right now costs for Brazil's World Cup vary between $11 to $20 billion dollars with the Olympic games assuredly to cost another $11 to $20 billion on top..
And when Brazilians took to the streets yesterday to protest, their police like law enforcement of every nation knew of only one response..

Shoot projectiles at them..

The World Bank says that 21.4% of the population live below the poverty line, with 4.2% estimated to live below the "extreme poverty line" (less than $1.25 a day).

But that's what governments do..  Take taxpayer money meant to help its populace and spend on vanity projects to inflate small ego and show itself off to the rest of the world..
Oh well..

We could write more but Mexico v Cameroon is starting shortly..

So...   Happy Weekend~