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Friday, July 18, 2014

1999 vs 2014 or 'No Better Time than the Present Except For the Past'

~ All pics will be Entertainment Weekly covers from 1999..

People like to think things are either getting better by the day or ultimately will be in the near future...

'Just gotta believe..'

I don't just refer to delusional people who pin economic hopes and dreams on inept lame ducks, stale incumbents and the hand shaking, baby kissing know-nothings who seek to become the future corrupt..

Its the whole notion that 2014 is supposed to be better than 2013 and if its not then surely 2015 will be, and if not, well there's 2016 and.. etc..

Why else do billions of people so stupidly celebrate New Years Eve with such zest?

It can't be simply to dance and drink..
~  Remember when people were actually looking forward to seeing this first prequel??

No, there's this delusion-illusion that tomorrow is better than today and ' Gawd, yesterday was just sooo last week'..

I think the first time I was truly conscious of this mindset was during yours truly's latter high school years; that 'fun' time when every late Junior and early Senior starts submitting those college applications and taking the SATs

Usually the schools chosen were to far off destinations to get as far away from the parents as possible without being 'too' far that they can't wire some money when needed..  And of course always people who liked to brag about getting into the 'name' schools..

And the high school itself.. even for those who may have had wonderful experiences there, it all became one long countdown..

'God I can't wait for school to be over.. then I am Free!'
~  Remember when Harrison Ford didn't play old grizzled grumps?

And the present was then as now really little appreciated..

And after the Graduation buzz subsided, there'd be this continual phenomenon where people consciously disassociate with all the friendships and intimate relationships made through that 9 through 12 period..

As if 'better' friends, lovers and higher quality people would just magically show up in college..

And funny thing..  Once people graduated with those degrees in hand after four years of fun, friendships and frolicking, they did the same thing..

Cut and run..

The attitude that 'A new friend met tomorrow means so much more than a true friend already cultivated'
~ Remember when pop music was horrible but at least free of rap?

Personally I never shared that view..

The best quality friendships and relationships I have are those cultivated over many years..  Just can't imagine myself having the patience of meeting someone sociably for the first time, being sized up based on my car and talking on babies, investments and golf

So much more things of depth to communicate on and seemingly so few out there who seek to interact with others beyond shallow periphery..

Oh well..

I know for a fact that 15 years ago (1999) was far better than it is today
~ Remember when he did 'bad' movies that were still funny?

Family.. Friends.. People I cared about were alive then..  not today..

And beyond myself, as a nation we were stronger, more economically prosperous and better governed then vs. today..

Back in 1999, I could take a flight from NYC to LA and checking through security, I did not have to take off my shoes and have my private parts groped and fondled by strangers

Nor have all my possessions looked through and ransacked and items like shampoo and cuticle scissors tossed into the trash under the guise of protecting me from baddies, then charged up the ass for every basic amenity from luggage to peanuts..
~ Remember when you could actually name all six actors?

And in 1999, I could fill my car tank with gasoline and 20 gallons actually totaled Less than $20 and if I wanted to take someone on a date to the movies, 2 tickets cost $11..

And in 1999, my monthly cell phone bill was $30 and that included 600 daytime and unlimited nights and weekend minutes that rolled over..

If I didn't want to keep wasting my money on a cell because perhaps I never came close to using those minutes, there was still the option of pay phones provided everywhere and discounted calling cards to use to make long distance and emergency calls.

Now I'm forced to go pay as you go.. the only genuinely cheap away to have phone access in a real jam

And in 1999, the average cost of a new home was $131,700 vs $289,500 today meaning that because average wages both in 1999 and at present were/are $41k, I would have had lower payments and much easier time paying off my mortgage then vs now..
~ Remember when some movies used to be actually Good?

And in 1999, the National Debt was 'only' $5.6 Trillion with a budget surplus of $124 billion vs the near $17 Trillion today and perpetually borrowing to make ends meet.

Back in 1999, the Department of Defense' budget was a mere $257 billion..  Today its $527 billion, an increase of $270 billion or $857 per every living American man, woman and child..

Guess never-ending needless war can do that..

In 1999 we were a happier nation.. more sociable..
~ Remember when an actress could be very ugly yet inferred as 'sexy'?

People didn't stick their beaks constantly into the cell phones to communicate with people thousands of miles away while avoiding those sitting 2 ft away and seek to block out reality..

And if you had to commit a small portion of the 1,440 minutes which make up one's 24hr day to communicate with another, they were forced to actually pick up the phone and leave a 30sec message vs meaningless texts, tweets and Clique-book 'statuses'..

We could go on..  We won't..

Enjoy your Friday..Enjoy the moment.. Make the most of it because there's no guarantees Sat or Sun will be anything worthwhile..