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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chris Paul: Member of the Bitch n' Complain Society

When it comes to money and people, one of the most consistent truisms is the more one receives or makes, the less important their principles and ethics often become

For example, the following old vaudeville joke applies today as it did 100yrs ago:

A guy goes up to a woman and says "If i give you a million dollars right on the spot, will you have sex with me?    The woman replies.. "Hmm.. For a million..  Sure.."

Then the guy replies.. "Well, how about for $10?", to which the woman is insulted and replies in horror, "Who do you think I am?!"

The guy responds. "We'll we both know what you are.. Now we're simply negotiating price.."
This made me think of NBA player Chris Paul who plays currently for the LA Clippers, the franchise Donald Sterling owns and will ultimately continue to run when he's victorious in his court fight with his haggard looking estranged wife.

Just because someone is allegedly racist in private conversations illegally recorded without the other's consent, it does not mean you lose your Constitutional right to Due Process or that vultures can come out of the slime and either destroy or outright steal what you've spent a lifetime building...

But this posting is not about Sterling..
Its about extremely rich, pampered NBA players who wish to bite the hand that writes them those multi-million dollar checks annually..

How many of us have worked for individuals we hated and wished would drop over?

How many of us have worked for people who were offensive because of their ideological biased or political distortions?

In this country, you have choices even if options are not always pleasant or comfortable..
~ Paul's shoe made probably by child laborers at Nike

A person can quietly ignore the boss or seek a transfer or simply quit and find a new employer..

Seems Chris Paul and his teammates don't want to make any hard decisions.. Only bitch and complain..

They could have made an emphatic statement that they weren't going to play for Sterling anymore by boycotting the playoffs...

Did they?    Nope..  We wonder who would have been more pissed off-- the NBA, the TV networks or the shoe companies these athletic whores are attached to..
~ Paul's home..

So instead they did meaningless protests..

They turned their shirts inside out... They delayed the start of the game by a couple minutes..

Yep, that showed em'

So now its looking like Sterling may win his legal fight, at least vs his wife as to who retains control of the Clippers and what do these pampered, privileged players do?

Their coach Doc Rivers seems to be the only one with principle and self-respect.  He has stated if Donald Sterling retains control of the team going into the next season, he will resign..
~ Paul's kitchen

We don't necessarily agree but good for him for making a line in the sand that's consistent with his conscience and beliefs.  Of course we'll ultimately see if he truly keeps his word or takes the money like everyone else

Will Paul and the others have the guts and courage to boycott part of or all of the season which would cause attendance to plummet and cost Sterling a ton of money?

Ehh.. Don't bet on it..  Paul is just making noise..

Real men don't threaten boycott..  They simply Do.

Maybe he and others sit out a couple pre-season games but no money-loving whore athlete willingly gives away any part of $18,886,000 for something like principle or to be a role model to his community..
When you divide Paul's salary into an 82 game season, the man gets paid $230,317 every time the guy steps on the court..

The average yearly salary is around $43k..  Chris Paul will make 5.3x that amount 2-3 times a week once the NBA season begins..

We remember back when racists physically assaulted and bullied blacks, and did damage to their homes and whatever property they owned and prevented them from using the same bathrooms or sharing the same section of restaurants..

Now it seems supposed racists shell out tens of millions to give them a dream life and economic power n' privilege most others will never ever Ever experience...and all to place a ball in a hoop..  No college degree required.
According to, if you imput solely Chris Paul's 2013-14 salary and then compare him vs the other 6 billion people in the world as to wealth ranking,  Paul is the 3,393rd richest person..

In the World!!

And this God-Damn baby can't simply shut his mouth and do his job!

But that's the world we live in.. its a bitch n' complain society..

We want to vent when unhappy with any aspect of our workplace yet don't have the courage or will to actually take control of the situation in ways that may not be economically pleasant but at least is consistent with one's values.
And we will do anything pretty much if the reward is high enough and the desperation factor large enough..

And then stew about it every step of the way.

People want to hate on Donald Sterling..  Fine..  Be our guest..  Its not like he's kith or kin to anyone here at A&G..

But people like Chris Paul deserve equal hate and resentment..

They make Too much, contribute Too little to this world other than fleeting momentary entertainment, whore their face, name and image to the highest bidder..
 Worst of all, Paul and people like him are all hypocrites and cowards who will not go through the slightest personal sacrifice or hardship for any value or belief..

Only bitch and complain..

And maybe wear their undies inside out in protest..