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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When Being "Destined by God" Is Not Enough

Yesterday yours truly watched perhaps the the most enjoyable soccer match on the World Cup level in my entire life..

For those who didn't see it, Germany utterly destroyed Brazil 7-1

The losing side was Trounced..  Humiliated.. Dragged through the mud..

Brazil had their panties pulled up into a brutally intense wedgie and forced to take it..

And the home fans in attendance..  Many actually cried..
~ Yes this is an Actual photo of someone reacting to Brazil's loss yesterday

Literal tears shed; Women and children.. Even grown men weeping in the stands..

The kind of overt sadness which on a national level should be reserved for an incident/event causing great loss of life or being invaded/occupied by another nation.

But these people were bawling openly over a soccer loss.

I admit I was extremely giddy with the outcome; the severity and significance of the loss..

Its not that I was any kind of Team Germany supporter or held any sincere personal animus toward Brazil or its people..   Not in the least..
~ Another photo showing a genuine response to yesterday's drubbing

But there was a feeling in Brazil expressed by many and quite openly that the national team was destined by God to win their 6th World Cup title on their home soil this summer...

And its not the first time God was evoked in connection to Brazil winning the sporting event.

When Brazil's star player Neymar was injured the other day and ruled out for the rest of the World Cup, soccer legend Pele to show support for his nation tweeted:

"I was also injured during the 1962 World Cup in Chile, and I was out for the rest of the tournament, but God helped Brazil continue on to win the championship."

Just sit a moment and think how absolutely idiotic that sounds..
This is not about whether or not there is a 'God'..  But if there is one and personally I believe God exists, 'He' or 'It' does not give one shiny schilling about who wins a sporting event.

Never has..  Never will..

And assuming you believe in a God, 'He' or 'It' did not create any nation or give any special blessing to any President, Prime Minister, Chancellor or Royal Sovereign to rule over others
Many in the US believe we're a nation created, conceived and blessed by God; that we are the closest thing in a country to His divine will and thus historically we expanded westward, ended slavery and fought war after war after war over the last 200 years for His good graces..

There's a specific Psalm, 33:12 which states that "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" and we sorta kinda bastardized it to imply that because America was a Christian nation that God took us into His bosom and loves us more than any other..

Oh Really?
There may be quality American people of sincere faith and belief who do not lead hypocritical lives (as there are with all nationalities) but there is no nation on Earth that truly represents the will of God..

How can there be?  Practically every nation bows down to money-changers and wasn't that the one group of people who provoked Jesus into such a fit of hostile rage, he literally threw them out of the Temple?

Does anyone honestly or sincerely think God or any Supreme Being would celebrate a nation like America where a haughty 1% possess such a dramatic disparity in wealth, power and prominence while the other 99% is forced to encounter various levels of economic struggle...
And not only feel no guilt about such financial hoarding but dare to declare as Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein once uttered in 2009 that he (and they) are doing "God's bidding"

For those who believe in Christianity and the New Testament, Matthew 19:24 reads "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

Do you really God admires people like Warren Buffett, George Soros and Bill Gates?

And chances are if you want to quietly reflect on the life of Steve Jobs, you best do it gazing at your wingtip shoes rather than the clouds.
And if God looked upon America as his 'Chosen' nation, would he be pleased that we're ranked globally 36th in education, 37th in health care while 2nd out of 35 modernized nations in child poverty (According to UNICEF, 23.1% of American children under the age of seventeen live in poverty) and #1 in military spending??

In fact according to 2013 figures, last year the US spent close to $650 billion on the military..   Who came in second place?  China.. They spent around $175 billion

The US spent in 2013 close to 4x more than China in military expenditure and more than 6x what Russia spent (about $100 billion)
Being "destined by God" isn't good enough..

Just like Germany kicking Brazil's bubbly ass all over the soccer pitch yesterday, Reality will always pummel preferential-based faith.

If America truly seeks to be a nation God would be proud of, it needs as individuals and collectively to 'Walk the Walk'..

To socially condemn bankers and money lenders as we do other barnacles of our society like child molesters and drug dealers
To demand and work to replace this current corruption of Capitalism with how its founder Adam Smith intended; a means for both the individual And the collective society to financially grow and prosper.. Not one in competition with the other..

And to realign our priorities..  That people can still make profit and be rewarded for their hard work with good lives and yet not have such dramatic disparities of 'Have' and 'Have Not'

The Lord doesn't care one fig who wins the World Cup or the November mid-term elections..
~ OK, maybe he does care who wins the Stanley Cup.. jokey.. jokey..

He does care about the things most nations and All financiers do not care about..

And that is why the Lord never plays national favorites..

Nor Ever blesses the wealthy.