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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Taking the Contrarian View on Popular Trending Toipics

Today's posting is going to be different than most because we're going to ignore the important and lower our bar considerably (albeit temporarily) to address some of the 'trending topics' of the day

Why do we do this?

Its simple..  There is No social discourse anymore when it comes to presenting dissenting or contrarian opinion on any topic even remotely controversial or which may offend some segment of society..

You certainly won't find it in mainstream media.. They will always embrace the views of the vast majority so not to upset the sponsors and all that delicious-yummy money
And the everyday person has been skillfully marginalized to meaningless website comment sections where few to none ever read much less retort..

We call them venting pens as in ostrich, sheep, horses...

So we're going to address our views on some of the trending topic issues of the day..

You may agree and think 'Finally, someone is saying what I think!' or you may read our views, and think us utter nitwits to put things G-rated
Or you may think either/both depending on the topic and our response

But the greater point is this:  We as a society and as individuals are less free to publicly speak our minds and present opposing points of view than ever before..

Anyone who tries is open to verbal and sometimes physical attack, social marginalization and alienation (depending on how well known one is), loss of job/career, and a lot of stress n' strife

And unless one starts their own media i.e. newspaper, blog, etc,  the outlets to express personal opinion are extremely limited.
For example are you really going to wait n' wait on the phone for an hour to call in a radio talk show and vent for 30sec on an issue, then get cut off while the idiot host doing the talking has 20hrs a week to present the other side??!!

So with that all said, let's get into it..

1)  Is the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Idiotic or Ingenious?

The goal was to raise awareness and money for ALS and its intentions at the beginning were noble and pure..

And like all good turn rotten, the media and celebritydom got a hold of it

And something good turned into 'Me.. Me.. Me!'
As for awareness, the only thing being promoted are worthless egotistical celebrities, athletes and other 'famous' people making videos of themselves

Most people still haven't a clue what ALS even stands for (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or what it means to be diagnosed i.e. progressive neurodegeneration affecting nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord that lead to paralysis and death

And somehow very famous and wealthy people laughing and having a good time as ice is dumped on them is supposed to generate awareness?

Why not just have 'the Arm-Punch' or ' Same-Sex French Kiss' ALS Challenge.. Or "Eat Pudding with Fork" or "Drink tap water' to combat ALS'....
We can't wait to see what they come up with to raise awareness for breast cancer..   'Fondle for the Cure' sounds like a winner

We're old fashioned in this respect..

Diseases like ALS are horrible afflictions and are not be trivialized and the fact something 'fun' and imbecilic like this ice bucket thingy has to be done to even get most people to even bother to care says much about the sad state of this society and its Constant need to be entertained
2) Is a T-Shirt that says "Keep Calm and Calmly Return Fire" right to be censored?

A person at an amusement park (he was black so to allay the stereotype that only whites love their guns) wore a shirt with those words and was asked to leave...

Then the comment section (or venting pen) of the newspaper the story was written was full of absolute idiots in total agreement with the amusement park's stand and declared how offended they were..

And this is how Fascism works.

There are many definitions of the term.. For instance the immediate view conjured up is of Nazis and their whole racial/ethnic superiority bullshit and sending innocents to Camps..
There's also the economic definition which is when State takes over private business such as the US bailing out corporations and sectors of business then appointing 'Czars' to run them i..e General Motors for one..

But Fascism also on an individual level is when people want something banned, eliminated and/or deprived of others simply because he/she disagrees, is offended or simply doesn't see the point..

The Confederate Stars n Bars flag offends a few sensibilities?  Ban and burn it..

SUVs bother environmentalists?  Ban and eliminate those too..
Guns?  Check..    Naughty 'N' words?   Double-check..

The Bible?  Hey why not!!

There's a lot of things that offend us too and we'd love to see banned..

Like corporate-conformist polo shirts, especially those with the pretend-elitist polo playing horseys embossed..
Like the pseudo-important non-sport called 'golf', the most deeply boring thing to watch on afternoon television short of dart-throwing, played usually by the most deeply arrogant (no wonder Presidents love playing it)

Like commercials where every race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and age group has to be represented for a mere fraction of a second just so the ad can depict pretend-diversity and hope that a Black, Asian or gay person will buy that product merely because one of them is in the far-far background for an eye-blink..

And will we ever get our way?   Let's just say we're not holding our breath
And quite frankly we shouldn't be allowed to.. And neither should you nor anyone else

First Amendment protects T-shirts like 'Keep Calm and Keep Calmly Firing' and if others are offended or bothered, too bad!  

That is what diversity of thought is all about..
3)  Is Robin Williams a Coward?

More specifically, we read a trending topic where some people were extremely upset at the thought of Williams being perceived a coward for essentially hanging himself until his breath (and poop) left him..

We won't even address the whole 'Can someone who commits suicide go to Heaven?" conundrum.. Everyone has views on that but ultimately only one entity matters (assuming you believe in Him)

So anyways, once trending, the media jumped in and took the stand that he and others who kill themselves are not cowardly..  It was another politically correct posture for the corporatilists.

Let's put it this way:  If Robin Williams is not a coward, then the murderers of 9/11 who caused the planes to hit NYC, DC and Pennsylvania knowing they'd die with them weren't cowards either.
One person took his own life.   The other group took other lives with them.. but both committed suicide rather than accept living and embrace the reality of their existences.

Robin Williams found out he had early-stage Parkinson's.   About 50,000 Americans each year are newly diagnosed..  Muhammad Ali and Michael J Fox have it..  They still are living..

Williams couldn't handle that reality..

He also couldn't handle the thought of being broke..
Around a million or so people each year file for personal bankruptcy protection..  They go through the process, start again and keep living..

Robin Williams was afraid to live..  Afraid of life without fame, adoration, money and the spotlight..

Afraid to be a good husband and loving father to his kids..

But that's why he did drugs.. Why he always partook off/on..

So yes, he was a coward.
As we said before, its not important whether anyone agrees or disagrees with us on this or anything else we at 'A&G' express..

More important its about you the reader being stimulated to think.. to speak.. to get your thoughts and opinions out even if contrarian and ultimately keep fighting this suffocating System that controls your freedoms in the most subtle of ways