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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Sincerely Honor a Veteran

We're curious if anyone knows without looking what year the word 'Armistice' was legally altered to 'Veterans'?


This was done to include WWII and Korean vets.

You would think the sacrifice of all those who fought the Germans, Italians and Japanese between 1941-45 would be deserving of a specific holiday of its own

Of course that of the Korean vet too..

Not every holiday has to require schools and banks to close..  They could even be on Sundays like how we celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day & Flag Day...
We respect the Veteran but not how this nation remembers him/her

Its just too corporate now..  Watching football last night, it seemed every advertisement "honored" or had actors playing servicemen...  Toyota, Wal-Mart...

Corporate kindness is never in a vacuum..

Shit stores like Bed Bath & Beyond wouldn't be giving 20% total purchase to vets (of course all their daily dime a dozen coupons are 20% off) if it didn't resonate outside of vets to create an image of 'Aww, they care'
~ Soldiers in Vietnam.. God Bless Their Service & Sacrifice.

People say they care about and respect veterans..


Here's some ways to sincerely demonstrate it..
1)  Demand that there never ever be another un-declared war.

In the Constitution it is the responsibility of Congress to give the approval of going to war to the President, and not for him to just do whatever the fudge he pleases with Congress on the sidelines

From the nation's inception to the present, only 6 military engagements have been approved which legalized warfare:

War of 1812, Mexican War, War for Southern Independence (Civil War to some), Spanish American War, WWI & WWII
~ Caption:  '4/19/67:  A Confederate flag flies from radio antenna of this US Tank during break in patrol searching for the Viet Cong'

The last approval was 73 years ago..  Since then:

Korea.. Vietnam.. Granada.. Iraq..  Kosovo..  Somalia..  Iraq again..  Afghanistan..  Syria..

Notice we have not had a clear, decisive victory in any conflict since WWII.

Also notice the longest we were ever involved in an officially declared war was 4 years (WWII & Civil War)..   Vietnam was 11 years..  This current war in Iraq and Afghanistan is open-ended..

Who knows.. maybe the child you give birth to today will get one day enlist or be drafted in 18 to 20 years and fight the same enemy..
~ Korean War soldier 

2)  Donate to a Veterans charity

It can be to Wounded Warriors, AMVETS, Healing Heroes Network, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation, Vietnam Veterans of America...

Donate clothing or household items- they will pick it up..

Or donate money.. that never hurts..

Of course if there were no war, there'd be no wounded and thus no need for a lot of these charities..

But that is never allowed into the discussion..   Honor the Vet but never talk about to avoid creating future ones
~ Soldiers in Vietnam

3)  Donate time to a Veteran...

Perhaps you don't have a family member or someone in your inner circle who is a true veteran..   Well there are plenty out there who need assistance, especially WWII and Korean vets who are now in their 80s and upward..

4)  Take time to learn some history...

Go to the library and check out some books or DVDs on some of the periods of armed conflict this nation's gone through so there's a emotional connection beyond the sight of the NFL hawking fatigue laden merchandise

We'd normally recommend also watching the History Channel but it is a shell of what the channel once was..  Now its reality garbage and the historical shows are so intentionally watered down and stupid, that you will get very little actual knowledge watching something on that network.
~ Members of 118th Tenn. Air Guard stationed in Afghanistan

The problem with honoring someone on a particular day is you don't have to do so the following day or any other..

Like Valentine's Day.. the perfect day to show your, lover, mate or "ball-n-chain" they mean the world to you without having to do so the other 364

For us, today will always be Armistice Day and we solely honor and remember those who fought and served during World War I..

That means we remember those of other wars throughout the year
But that is our choice..

You remember vets as you wish..  Just do it properly.

For not all who served are such nor is every enlisted person a 'hero'..

Fortunately there's enough out there to show the proper respect while ignoring the undeserving..