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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Everyday American Mindset: "It's My Fault.."

It's my fault for where I am at in this world..

It's my fault I am out of work..

It's my fault I can't get hired because I didn't graduate high school..

Or attend college after I did get my HS diploma...

Or majored in a different field/degree than employers respected.
Or committed myself to a Masters' Degree..

Or spent the time getting a Doctorate..

It's my fault I didn't commit years and years of my life along with tens upon tens of thousands of dollars in non-bankruptcy dischargeable debt to get a degree in a field the work world values even though I would have Hated every moment and been tense & miserable
Its not the schools' fault they gave me such an inadequate education with 'No Child Left Behind' and standardized test taking and that a HS degree today is the equivalent of 8th grade education back in the 1970s

Or the employer's fault for not respecting or valuing someone self-educated and self-motivated i.e. the 'Good Will Hunting' type  vs the Common way of obtaining the worthless paper of a diploma

Nope.. Gotta be all my fault..
Its my fault I lost my job...

Its my fault because I didn't work hard enough

Or dedicate enough of myself to the 'team'

Or give up evenings.. and weekends.. and holidays

Or be on call 24/7 to my employer's needs
Or kiss his/her ass enough

It's my fault I was deemed redundant by a nameless, faceless corporation and made expendable; tossed away like batteries

It certainly wasn't the company to blame who was going to rid themselves of me irregardless of the general economic situation in the country i.e job loss in recession = downsizing and job loss in strong vibrant economy = a restructuring.

Certainly not their fault I was a nameless, faceless statistic
It's my fault when I can not make ends meet even when I do have a job

It's my fault because of how I live

So I just need to work a second job to pay bills..

Or possibly three..

It's never the corporation's fault..  or the Government..
It's my fault because I could cut back more..

It's my fault because I don't seek to live in a smaller house

Or move into an apartment

Or share with another renter

Or two or three.. However many strangers it takes living all clustered and confined..  Just like immigrants did a century or two ago..
Why do I deserve any semblance of a quality of life after working 40 hours a week and doing the right thing?

Why should I have a checking account, much less savings

Or a money market or IRA

Or be able to afford stocks or bonds or CDs
It's my fault because if my finances are in bad shape I could get a less expensive car..

Or have no car and use public transportation

Or be fully dependent on others with cars to get around

Like a child..

It's never the fault of the car companies and insurance companies that keep raising their prices and premiums at a higher percentage than any raise I may receive at work, if lucky to receive any

It's my fault I don't settle for less..    Yes, I need to accept less
It's my fault when I go into a supermarket and I keep seeing prices raise for every staple food while quantity sizes lessen

It's my fault because I could buy only generic..

Or eat less healthy since Cheetoes are cheaper than cheese

Or just eat less..

Or just not eat at all..
Why should I eat anyways?  Tap water really hits the spot!

It's my fault I live in such a rotten country run by such a piece of shit President

It's my fault because I believed in him..

I should have voted Republican

Or Libertarian
Or not bothered to vote at all.

Its my fault I believed the dual Obama Lies of 'Hope' & 'Change'

Its my fault because I wanted to use my vote to show the world we were not racist because America elected a black Muslim with zero experience governing anything

Its my fault because all that media-fueled hatred of Bush clouded my judgment and I just wanted to vote for anyone not remotely connected to him, even someone ultimately incompetent.

Its my fault because things get worse and worse and nothing is better on the horizon
And the economy is still in a recessionary rut

And the 1% keep stealing all the money while the average everyday peed-on peon like me is stuck in motion; slowly dying like BP petroleum-covered birds flapping their wings in the Gulf of Mexico..

And..   And..

Hmm..  Wait! Wait!...  Tell me again why any of  this all my fault??

Or yours?