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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Apathy & Disconnect

When I read some of the economic news, especially predictions from somewhat reputable sources and the public's complete disconnect, my first instinct is to be astounded..

But I've been following things and writing about all this far to long to be shocked by much of anything..

TelegraphUK 5/27/15 headline:  "HSBC fears world recession with no lifeboats left -- The world authorities have run out of ammunition as rates remain stuck at zero. They have no margin for error as economy falters"

Public response:  'Yawnn!'
Another TelegraphUK headline: "The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs"

Public Response:  'Ehh..'

At least the Brits are honest enough to report the truth even if people pretty much don't wish to acknowledge it..

In the US when there's bad economic news, the big 6 TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN & FoxNews) simply choose not to report it
For instance back in late April, the U.S. economy screeched to a grinding halt with a measly pathetic 0.2% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) for the first quarter of 2015

And according to, not a single network said a word!

The Wall Street Journal wrote about it and then gave endless excuses.. "Bad weather, cheaper oil, disruptions at West Coast ports and the stronger dollar appear to be at least partly behind the downturn.."

Could it also be bad leadership at the very top and a greedy 1% that have gotten everything their way and still have not held their end of the 'bargain' and re-invested their profits back into job creation?
But people really couldn't care less...  Even those who seek to be informed really do not want to actually Know anything..

Do you know what the most popular sections of a newspaper are?

The sports, the comics and the daily crossword,

In the TV news ratings wars every week, ABC has been most dominant..  Do you know what their total viewership was for 5 evening news broadcasts at 6:30p last week?

7,757 million total viewers
If we use simple math and for argument sake pretend 100% of its audience devoutly watches ABC every single week night, that comes to a little over 1.5 million people.

Take that number and multiply by the six networks and generally speaking, you're looking at only about 9 million people out of a population of over 317 million people that give to bleeps about what is going on in the nation and greater world.

Now guess how many people turned in for the final show of that unfunny, politically ignorant know-nothing curmudgeon David Letterman who cheated on his wife for over year with a staffer half his age and confessed Only when blackmailed for extortion?

According to the NY Times, nearly 14 million.

And with summertime now nearly upon us, the tuning out will only increase..

Then in the autumn everyone will act so surprised when something bad happens to shake up the global economy and markets.

And of course dare to say could anyone have possibly known?

And all the 'ants' will just look at the 'grasshoppers' and laugh.