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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camden, NJ and President Clueless

President Obama is as clueless as one can be.

Now we could cite many reasons why such a statement was expressed but for now we'll just deal with the most recent example:  how he views the decrepit, bankrupt and ultra-violent city of Camden, NJ.

Obama visited the predominantly black city which is a large part in itself why it and every other urban center is decaying financially, educationally and socially from within..

The Commander in Cluelessness referred to Camden as a Symbol of Promise for the nation..
We've written often on this urban blight located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia in South Jersey but don't take our word..   Here are some highlights of an article Rolling Stone wrote just earlier this month, May 2015...

"In September, (Camden's) last supermarket closed, and the city has been declared a "food desert" by the USDA. The place is literally dying, its population having plummeted from above 120,000 in the Fifties to less than 80,000 today...

(It) is a city with thousands of abandoned houses but no money to demolish them, leaving whole blocks full of (desolation) to gather waste and rats...
~ This home in Camden operates as a crack house

With legal business mostly gone, illegal business took hold. Those hundreds of industries have been replaced by about 175 open-air drug markets, through which some quarter of a billion dollars in dope moves every year...

On January 18th, 2011, the city laid off 168 of its 368 police officers, kicking off a dramatic, years-long, cops-versus-locals, house-to-house battle over a few square miles of North American territory that should have been national news, but has not been, likely because it took place in an isolated black and Hispanic ghost town...

After the 2011 layoffs, police went into almost total retreat. Drug dealers cheerfully gave interviews to local reporters while slinging (slang for selling drugs) in broad daylight..
The carnage left Camden's crime rate on par with places like Haiti after its 2010 earthquake, and with other infamous Third World hot spots, as police officials later noticed to their dismay when they studied U.N. statistics.."

We know politicians are disingenuous phonies and Liars and bullshit artists and Obama certainly is no exception but why the hell would he go out of his way to paint such a cesspool as on the rebound?

Camden has a population of 513k people, mostly poor, uneducated blacks.   Guess how many police officers patrol the city not counting the much needed assistance of police from neighboring counties?

It was mentioned just a couple paragraphs ago

A)  1,510 officers
B)  1,208 officers
C)    459 officers
D)   200 officers
Answer:  D    Yes, 200 officers officially employed by the City of Camden to deal with half a million people, mostly blacks

If Obama was serious or genuine about fixing places like Camden and Detroit up, why did he cut funding to US states rather than keep it at Bush levels or increase Federal allocation of money to the states for them to use where most needed?

From the Center on Budget and Policy Prioritites, Sept 2013:

"About two-thirds of states are providing less funding per student for the current 2013-14 school year than they did before the recession.. Among the reasons why: the federal government cut its own aid to states, leaving them with fewer dollars..
States used emergency fiscal relief from the federal government (including education aid and other forms of state fiscal relief) to cover a significant share of their shortfalls through fiscal year 2011.

The federal government then largely allowed this aid to expire, even though states continued to face very large shortfalls in 2012 and beyond."

This principle applies not just to education but all aspects of a State's budgetary concerns.

As we wrote a couple weeks before, Colorado and Washington state didn't agree to legalize marijuana because the politicians woke up one morning and suddenly decided its 'cool' to allow their citizens to be in a munchie-craving, drugged-out glaze all day and night..
It was to recoup the reduced Federal funding which allow state budgets to be balanced since state governments do not have the luxury of running on eternal deficits.

America is in such a bad state financially, even the island of Puerto Rico is near shutdown mode:

AP:  "Puerto Rico is racing the clock ahead of a July 1 deadline to pass a fiscal budget for 2016 and scrape together $360 million due to creditors.  

Without a budget, the commonwealth will face a partial government shutdown and may be unable to issue $2.9 billion in oil-tax bonds needed to pay The Government Development Bank...
~ The President trying to look Presidential as he pretends to care..

The commonwealth faces a July 1 payment of $630 million on its GO bonds and without furloughing some public sector employees, it’s not clear that the payment can be made, setting up a possible default...

In total, Puerto Rico owes some $73 billion, the result of persistently covering deficits with debt even as economic activity continued to slow.. (They) are now scrambling to pass a new proposal that calls for a sales tax increase and $500 million in spending cuts"

What is Spanish for 'Do'h!'?

The plight of Camden over the last 6 years like the continued economic downfall of this once prosperous nation is on Obama's shoulders.. He is to blame
Oh sure there will always be some that until their last dying breath will say 'Bush's fault' while clasping tightly onto their 'Hillary 2016' political button -- Not much you can do there..

But any sane, rational person knows the truth about the state of things and lack of real leadership at the very top allowing the urban collapse to continue (or until President Oreo's Wall Street masters decide a nation of Camdens is in no one's best interest)