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Friday, May 15, 2015

Deflating Patriotism More Important than Footballs

~ Military personnel flaunted before 2014 NFL Draft -- Cha-Ching..

It is rather interesting and also quite sad as well as maddening that in the world of NFL scandals, so much attention and hype has been given to so-called "Inflate-Gate" where New England Patriots QB Tom Brady either knew or didn't know about balls being inflated or deflated or whatever it is..

And yet something far, far more serious and important-- the NFL honoring the US military and specific service personnel before games not out of love of country but because they were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so..

That is swept under the sports news 'rug'
~ This ball and other merchandise for sale at their Pro Shop..

The football thing is a big story mainly because of the seedy, slimy gambling element that pervades this nation.

Last January the Patriots beat the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 in the 'Inflate-Gate' game..  They were a 7 pt favorite at home but as SB Nation reported at the time before the game:

"The New England Patriots have failed to cover the spread the last five times they played in the AFC Championship"

So goodness knows how many loser gamblers expected the game to be within 7pt margin, bet accordingly and were pissed off at the money lost on the blowout.
~ Aww how adorable.. The Buccaneers Cheerleaders are dressing in Army green..

If the NFL didn't care so much about providing gamblers information, why release injury reports and penalize teams if they fraudulently list someone as healthy or injured who is not?

And whether or not Brady cheated, knew about it with a wink or is totally innocent is really irrelevant.. it does not change the fact that the guy is a bonafide Grade-A scumbag!

Back around late 2006 he got his then girlfriend actress Bridget Moynahan pregnant and while she was carrying their child, Brady broke up with her to be with his current cunt-whore supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen..  
~ Wowie-Zowie.. A Brady jersey with camouflage numbers!

Brady was too busy to be in the delivery room the day of the child's birth in mid-2007 and because of Brady's selfishness the child was born a bastard.

You can win 100 sports championships and it doesn't alter whether a star athlete is completely devoid of character and a soul.

Another example is NBA legend Larry Bird- a multiple Champion.

Also a piece of shit..
Before he married his girlfriend from Indiana State in 1989, he was actually married at Indiana State to his high school sweetheart in 1979 but divorced her before she gave birth to his daughter.

Bird refused to accept her or pay the $40 a week in child support.  He eventually took a paternity test when it came out positive that he was the father, only then did the millionaire agree to have the $40 come out of his rookie checks with the Boston Celtics.

Even though his daughter would eventually go to Indiana State and also play basketball, she never had a relationship or any contact with her dear Dad until almost 20 years after she born when father and daughter briefly met after an Indiana Pacers game he was coaching at the time..

Celebrities, politicians and others in the public eye have images that are carefully crafted and which they will do most anything to protect

So do corporations and sports leagues.
The NFL is disingenuous and insincere when it comes to honoring the US military and its motivations

As we wrote the other day, if the team owners really loved this nation, the 32 billionaires would stop all pay their Fair share of taxes which in their case should be closer to 60-65%

And if the NFL loved this nation they would not have waited until this year to finally come forward and stop taking millions upon millions in  annual tax exemptions which were written into law 50 years ago by Congress during the NFL-AFL merger.

And maybe if the league and the TV networks that cover the game really gave a shit about the troops and respected the seriousness of what they do in wartime, they wouldn't so cavalierly throw around military terms in describing action on the field..
~ The Colts cheerleaders are pretending to be soldiers too..

"The QB threw a deep bomb down field"

"The QB threw a bullet of a pass"

The QB is known as the 'Field General'

"Watch how the defense goes all-out blitz" (origin: blitzkreig)

"The real action will be occurring in the trenches between the opposing lines"
~ A live feed from Afghanistan during a Ravens game showing nothing of any consequence or importance..

"The offense is marching down field with precision"

A punt or kick returner with speed who runs runs down field is called a "gunner"

Yet God help a player who refers to a game being played as a 'war' as former Cleveland Browns TE Kellen Winslow Jr. once said during a TV interview then was forced under management pressure to apologize for being 'insensitive' to the military

Federal contracts showed that the U.S. Department of Defense from 2011 to 2014 paid $5.4 million for sponsorship deals with 14 NFL teams. The size of the deals, which cover recruitment and other areas, differ, with more than $1 million going to the Atlanta Falcons and $375,000 going to the New York Jets.
~ This event where Eagles players and their mascot honor military families was sponsored by a local deli meat company..

Some of the sponsorship activities were to honor service people and their families during pre-game and halftime, that without that money, would never have been acknowledged publicly in that venue for their service and sacrifice.

That is the big story of the day where the NFL is concerned

Not whether an egocentric pretty-boy got two lackies to deflate a ball by a pound of pressure