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Friday, May 22, 2015

Honoring America's Soldiers this Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is upon us..

We really don't expect too many people to much in the way of memorializing with all the BBQs and NASCAR and and baseball on TV and playing golf and going fishing and laying about on the beach..

But even though this coming Monday is actually Decoration Day meant originally to honor the dead of the Civil War, we'll still take a few moments to reflect upon those who served and died in all US wars..
--  We remember the farmers and tradesmen and merchants; the unprofessional soldiers who came together back in the late 18th century and served in a rag-tag Army for six years fighting professional British soldiers and mercenary Hessians for their and our eventual Independence

--  We remember those who once again fought the British on Sea and by Land during the War of 1812 to prevent the Crown from impressing US sailors (impress meaning to steal them off US ships to serve Britain) and establish true autonomy in this hemisphere.

--  We remember the heroes in the 19th century who fought and defeated the savage blood-thirsty Indians throughout the US territories from the Ohio Valley to swamps of Georgia & Florida to ultimately the Great Plains.   

* People can have all the white-man guilt and wish to revise history all they want to make Indians into non-violent grazers, but this nation and global history would be  far different and scarier had the Indian been allowed to terrorize and kill pioneers including women and children with impunity.
--  We remember the brave fighters who secured a terrific victory over the Mexicans and General Santa Ana in the late 1840s allowing US territory to double and include such acquisitions as modern Texas, Arizona and California just to name a few..

--  We remember the Confederate bravery and Union tenacity even though the Civil War should have Never been fought and the South allowed to peaceably go their separate way

--  We remember those one generation removed from needless Civil War who came together to defeat the Spanish at the downfall of their once evil, violent Catholic Empire to take from them Cuba and the Philippines
--  We remember those who served with distinction during WWI under General Pershing; if not for the arrival of US forces, Britain & France would surely have been defeated.  Our heroes turned the tide.

-- We remember the same result for WWII where countless brave; America's 'Greatest Generation' defeated the greatest evil ever known and demonstrated though the necessary dropping of atomic bombs, that we were now a world leader to be reckoned with.

--  We remember Korea -- the first modern war where politicians sabotaged the success of their own military and honor all the servicemen who served and sacrificed all for a political stalemate
-- We remember the Vietnam vet, most who were drafted and were forced to serve and fight in a conflict few truly understood and fewer wished to be a part of, especially after Tet in 1968.. 

And we remember how terribly they were treated, both by two garbage Presidents in LBJ and Nixon, neither who valued their lives and the loser drug-addicted hippies who treated those who served with contempt

--  We remember lastly honor those who have served over the last 25 years from Operation Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom to whatever 'Operation' our troops are involved in currently.  They know the dangers, know the risks and still volunteer to serve anyways..  
So God Bless them..

Have a Happy and Reflective Memorial Day weekend

We'll be back on Tuesday..