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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Survival: The John Wayne way vs the Intellgent way

When it comes to living and surviving in this world, whether it be on the micro level as an individual or a macro level as a nation, for oversimplification purposes there's basically two ways to go about it:

1)  The John Wayne way, or..  2)  The Intelligent way

So what is the John Wayne way?

The simple way to describe it would be 'Honor' over practicality or sensibility

For example how we've fought wars and military operations from Korea to Vietnam to the present.
There you see repeated examples where America's reputation among allies and its standing in the global community meant more than securing military victories and achieving strategic objectives

America was/is always supposed to fight out in the open with one arm voluntarily tied behind our backs figuratively/literally and when we fired upon another, it was always supposed to be in the front, never from behind.

We created needless 'rules of engagement' to tightly control what our trained enlisted combatants were to do..'Don't fire unless fired upon'..  'Give a warning shot first..' .. 'Never shoot someone in the back.'

Our political and military enemies still thought little of us and our allies really couldn't have cared as long as the financial assistance allocations kept coming in.

But we felt like 'honorable' soldiers; the 'John Wayne' bullshit way of looking at life and war..
Didn't matter that Korea was winnable if we crossed the 49th Parallel as General MacArthur wanted to do (before being relieved by Truman) and dealt directly with the Chinese backing the northern insurgents..

Didn't matter that Vietnam was winnable if we had not micromanaged the conflict to death; two coward Presidents in LBJ and Nixon afraid to bomb the civilian population - the schools and hospitals, sincerely go after villagers protecting the North Vietnamese and to invade Laos & Cambodia to stop the Soviets from supplying Ho Chi Mihn.

And only God knows the myriad of ways Bush and President Oreo have messed up the current War in the Middle East while insisting through lying white teeth that Islam is a religion of peace and we're not at war with them.

Another example of the John Wayne way of living vs being Intelligent has to do with personal debt and bankruptcy
The John Wayne moron keeps paying the creditors while falling further n' further into debt and until the very last dollar is gone, the money would go to repaying the debt because that is the 'honorable' thing..

We've never heard of 'Honor' keeping a person sheltered and protected like a foreclosed house or taking you where you need to be like a repossessed car or putting food in the belly or clothes on the back..  Have you?

The Intelligent person in debt strategically plans a bankruptcy out a good 6mths to a year in advance, nestles as much cash away in secret to cover them during the post-Bankruptcy when credit is in the toilet, and puts themselves in the best position to pay back nothing while keeping what they can

This concept goes for nations as well..
Let's take that genuinely stupid backward nation of Greece...

They had ample opportunity to default on their debts as far back as 2009 and had they done so, the creditors would have gotten badly burned (shrugs) and Greece might have had financial pain for a year or two but ultimately like vultures to carcasses, the bankers and IMF would have been back offering new loans

So instead Greece took the John Wayne way.. How is that working out for them?

"Greece warned Sunday it has no money to repay the International Monetary Fund on time in June unless a deal is reached with its creditors, in a stark warning that the country could be just days away from defaulting"  (AP)
Greece hemmed and hawed and delayed and stalled making the Intelligent choice because it wanted to keep the perks (God knows what they are) of being in the EU; essentially they wanted their cake and eat it too..

And now finally its getting to a true endgame.

We're all taught to live life the John Wayne way, especially in the US..

*  Taught not to lie or exaggerate on a job application even though doing so in an intelligent manner can increase your chances at an interview and ultimately being hired vs something 'honest'
*  Taught to deal with a bully by going face to face, 'mano a mano' while he/she beats you to a pulp vs getting even by slashing a tire or some other secretive, covert way

*  Taught if you're having an affair behind your spouse/lover's back, come clean and tell that person, instead of the Intelligent way which is to stop cheating and never speak a word of it because why should the spouse/lover be upset just so you can unburden your guilt..

*  Taught to suffer in silence and not complain when something or someone bothers you because of politeness or decorum when by staying quiet, you're the only one that suffers, and by speaking up at least you can cause at minimum, some aggravation to those causing it to you and at best, get resolution..
Example after Example..

The John Wayne way does not work..

Not when economic, physical or emotional survival is at state