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Monday, May 18, 2015

Media Members who donated $20k or more to Clinton Foundation

Late last week ABC News correspondent George Snuffleupagus.. Um.. Oops.. Sorry, that's a typo..

Last week George Stephanopoulus who worked under President Clinton in his first administration apologized on-air for donating money to that old crone Hillary's Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) back in 2010 & 2011 and not being forthcoming about it sooner..
~ George Stephanopoulus.. Umm.. I mean Mr Snuffleupagus with Big Bird,,  Darnnit.. I keep getting those two confused..

"S" as its just easier to type, wasn't just a member but a 'notable' member meaning one earns that meaningless title of status for donating $20,000 or more...  Annually.

And even though "S" said he was only a paying member for a couple years at $25k each, "S" was actually a member every year between 2005 to 2014 with the exception of 2008.

"S" only came clean about the connections to CGI after many people complained of biased coverage that the Greek hobbit interviewed the author of a book critical of the Clinton Foundation and failed to disclose at the time those donations

Of course as expected, liberally biased ABC News stated it continues to stand by him and will allow him to lead its political coverage in 2016.
All these news networks are the same; chock full of liberal reporters and journalists Pretending to be unbiased in their political news coverage while covertly doing everything in their power to ensure their guy (in the case of 2016, their old crone) wins the White House.

"S" isn't the only newsperson to donate to CGI and by extension to the eventual Presidential aspirations of that evil old Bitch Hillary..    Here are some others who donated $20k or more as of 2010:

Christiane Amanpour - Chief International Correspondent at CNN..

She is married to  James Rubin, a former US Assistant Secretary of State and spokesman for the US State Department during the Clinton administration and currently an informal adviser to former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Obama  (amazing she has Any credibility)

Lionel Barber - US Managing Director of Financial Times
Maria Bartiromo Anchor at CNBC and major suck up to anyone super-wealthy or in a position of major influence on Wall Street.

Matthew Bishop - New York Bureau Chief and American Business Editor at the Economist

Tom Brokaw - Former Anchor and current Special Correspondent and moderator of Meet the Press on NBC

Anderson Cooper - openly gay Anchor at CNN and part of the wealthy & privileged Vanderbilt line (Gloria Vanderbilt is his mother)

Katie Couric - Super-liberal bitch who at the time anchored CBS News.  Her sister was a Virginia Democratic State Senator who passed away in 2001
Thomas Friedman -- Columnist at New York Times and a big believer in a global One-World new order..

Nicholas Kristof - Columnist at NY Times, the most liberally biased newspaper in the country; Washington Times is a close second..

Greta van Sustern - Anchor and Host of her own show on Fox News; she is a Scientologist

Judy Woodruff - Senior Correspondent at PBS's NewsHour

Fareed Zakaria -- Editor at Newsweek; was suspended a week by CNN back in 2012 due to plagiarism
~ If you get your news from any of these people. you are getting information with an agenda..

The media is Not Fair. it is Not un-biased...

And it overall tilts heavily to the left.