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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NFL Profiting off Patriotism

If there are three things I personally hate about the NFL, its the following:

1)  All the commercials that make a 60 minute game end up being 3.5 hours

2)  Their need to involve themselves with Breast Cancer Awareness by having all the players dress in pink in October,

3)  How over the top the NFL goes in honoring the military and servicemen.
~ Sorry.. Real men do not wear pink...

Now I fully understand why annoyance #1 occurs because ad revenue means lots of $$ and I kinda get #2 because its a great way to get women interested in football by Pretending the league actually cares about an issue important to women while selling pink-tinged apparel

But I never really fully understood why the NFL went so damn far out of its way to honor and celebrate military personnel even though they are engaged in multiple wars as collectively unpopular as during the Vietnam days but without the drafts to provoke protest

Then I read the LA Times and had my 'Ahh' moment..
~ Sings: "And i'm proud to be an American..  Where at least I know I'm free..  To take a switch to my child's rear with impunity..."  (Adrian Peterson)

"At halftime of each home game last season, the New England Patriots invited a soldier on the field to honor the troops. Dressed in camouflage, they smiled and waved to the crowd during the feel-good moment.

However, the "True Patriot" program wasn't simply patriotism. It was part of a $225,000 advertising deal between the team and the Massachusetts and New Hampshire National Guard...

A report on government waste issued last week by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) detailed the expenditure and questioned why the Guard spent $49.1 million on professional sports sponsorships in 2014. 
Some of that money funded programs by NFL teams similar to the "True Patriot" program that appeared to honor the military but were actually part of advertising agreements with the Guard...

The first item in a 12-point advertising agreement between the New York Jets and New Jersey National Guard for the 2012 season included a "Hometown Hero" feature. 

During each regular-season home game at MetLife Stadium, one or two soldiers would have their picture displayed on stadium video screens and their names announced over the public address system while they watched the game from the tony Coaches Club. first reported the arrangement, which netted the Jets $377,000 from 2011 to 2014."
~ Eagles fans (pic above) and Cowboys fans do have something in common after all..  Both can be easily manipulated by feel-good jingoism

Just G-D pathetic!

This is taxpayer money being used by the National Guard to enrich the pocketbooks of super-wealthy 1%-ers who really don't love this country that much (or they'd not fight tooth and nail to pay their Fair Share of taxes)

In exchange the NFL provides a forum for the Guard to court 18-24yr olds to give up their life figuratively and literally and allow others to tell them when to sleep, wake, eat, drink, stand, sit, shit and how to think..

This is not the National Guard of old where joining meant escaping real fighting..
~ Former NFL player Pat Tillman would be 39 years old today and living a happy life as a married man with children had he not served and ultimately died via accidental friendly fire

The modern Guard is heavily involved in combat fighting, and those who served can be called back to service from the home front at a moment's notice with no say in the matter.

The National Guard doesn't just advertise football games...

Until recently with a deal that expired last NASCAR season, the Guard paid Dale Earnhardt Jr racing $32 million to put its logos on the car and Dale Jr's uniform.  Whether that was per season or over a period of time, its still a lot of taxpayer $$ to one race car driver.
The problem beyond the public funding issue and brainwashing young people to enlist and serve the will and whim of shit Commander in Chief Presidents is the advertising and overboard gushing/fawning for enlistees..

It is part of the same social engineering apparatus the System uses to push societal attitudes and beliefs that would have been completely foreign to people a mere 80 years ago..

Forty-five years ago, soldiers were cursed and spit upon..  Now its the other extreme where they're all idolized and treated as heroes.    Neither reaction is really deserved.

And if sports like any other corporation thinks they can make money off of this sympathetic sentiment, then they will..
For the last few years, MLB honors the military with specially designed caps to be worn every Memorial Day and 4th of July and just coincidentally you too can buy these caps to wear and celebrate those who serve for only $37.99.. cha-ching..

Sports has really changed over the years and not for the better..

Now its about hard-pushing social issues like civil rights and LGBT equality and fighting breast cancer, autism, domestic violence and every other cause which can help the leagues generate patronage and money
~ Corporations helping Corporations by sponsoring a Corporate conformist sport.. golf

And riding the patriotism wave while making money doing it by honoring those dopes who blindly enlisted and obeyed their superiors' every command while losing limbs and lives in the process..

I miss the days when sports wasn't corporate-congested Disney-ified wholesome G rated family entertainment..

I miss when sports were simply sports.