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Monday, May 11, 2015

Using Sin Profit to Cover State Budget Gaps

Did you ever wonder why states like Colorado and Washington tossed away their moral and ethical compass and legalized marijuana?

It wasn't so much that both states are full of glassy-eyed granola trail mix eating 1960's leftists who will tell you with a straight face that there's nothing harmful about pot use...

Psst.. Guys..   Did you know just one of many side-effects of marijuana is gynecomastia which is a fancy way of saying the development of female breasts, so.. keep smoking

The reason these two worthless states now sell pot openly has something more to do with the following from AP:
"An Associated Press analysis of statehouse finances around the country shows that at least 22 states project dramatic budget gap shortfalls for the coming 2016 fiscal year. The deficits recall recession-era anxiety about plunging tax revenue and deep cuts to education, social services and other government-funded programs...

Alabama, for example, faces a $290 million shortfall after a voter-approved bailout expires at the end of the current fiscal year. Projected cuts would create a $27 million hole in the state's court system, forcing more than 600 layoffs and leaving just one juvenile probation officer and two clerical staffers in each county"

And this is during the amazingly never ending because it never ever began 'Great Recovery'..

So what's a state to do?  
It is not like anyone in political office D or R has the guts or will to dramatically tax the wealthy for fear of wealth-flight to other states or worse, lessening donations to state re-election campaigns

And only so much a state can charge in tax for gasoline, 'sins' like alcohol and cigarettes or raise in toll roads and consumption sales tax

So what to do...    What to do?

The states already legalized gambling in the form of state lotteries and casinos so the poor, disenfranchised and elderly would have a place to discard what meager monthly government assistance checks was received..
Guess legalizing an addictive drug that is the gateway to harder substances, is as good an idea as any to raise revenue,  

From CNN:  "It's been a year since Colorado became the first state in the nation to allow people to sell and buy pot legally in January 2014...  And the state took in $53 million in tax revenue as a result."

Of course the Federal government gets its cut too..

So more and more states and cities are desperate to get into the pot-profit game by rushing to de-criminalize marijuana under the guise that law enforcement over the years never curbed its use and took police away from real problems
Of course if the court system would have only punished those middle-class suburban and privileged whites, especially between 18-24yr olds as harshly and they did inner-city blacks, that would have ultimately put a major dent in pot use..

So anyways, once every state, city, county, municipality and borough is done legalizing the drug and the budget deficit gaps still haven't been filled and the stock market ultimately crashes again...

Then what?

Well we predict in time every state will legalize prostitution and follow Nevada's led of privately run but state controlled bordellos or chicken ranches where men can do to girls what their wives won't let them do and the state gets a piece of the action..

Just like a pimp.
Or governments could decriminalize harder drugs like cocaine, heroin or crack and collect taxes off each junkie in need of a fix...

Why not?  If a budget is in the red and the 1% can't have their money taxed, then go after the 99% every way one can..  all the way to the gutter.

Remember, for all the movies and TV shows about the era of Prohibition in the 1920s with the gangsters and speak-easies, etc, it wasn't the excessive violence and inability of the government to control its distribution which led to its repeal..
It was that little thing started in 1929 called the Great Depression and need for tax revenue was so great that state and local governments realized they were economically sabotaging themselves over a moral principle..

So how does states get the necessary money to pay for education, health care and other social services that benefit children up to the elderly?

Profit off sin and evil.
Its kinda like the saying in 'It's a Wonderful Life' that went 'Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets his wings'

'Every time a Loser tokes up, a child gets a pencil (or crayons)'

Semi-funny 80's comedian Yakov Smirnoff put it best..

"America.. What a country!"