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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Venting on Comic Book Films and 'Villains'

~ Nerds..

I used to love movies..

Well I suppose I still do but I used to love movies to the point that years back I would go to the theater weekly because even if every film wasn't excellent, the experience was enjoyable and somewhat affordable.

Fast forward to the present and I have not gone to a movie theater since early November, 2006 when 'Casino Royale' with Daniel Craig as 007 James Bond came out...

Sure there have been a few real good ones I missed out seeing on a giant screen such as Avatar but for the most part I don't feel I've missed much.
~ More nerds..

Used to be there was a variety of films out there a person could choose from..  Everything from revisionist history Westerns where the Indians were all peaceful and spiritual to sappy 'chick flicks' to period pieces with beautifully elaborate costumes and sets.

Now Hollywood is just garbage...  Seems there are only five types of films that they are capable or willing to create and finance..

Prequels, sequels, remakes, re-dos and comic book films for children and adult nerds stunted in their adolescence.

Oh sure there's 'adult' films every Oscar time about social justice and slavery and poverty and all those uplifting topics which win awards but generate nothing at the box office..

But otherwise, that really that's about it..
~ A group of virgins..

People always turn to the movies to escape.. it is what got many people through the Great Depression vis a vis the elaborate and cheery musicals and everyone on screen dressed in their finest 'after nine' formal attire

So I get why stupid comic book films are so successful especially in the last six years of this total pretend non-existent economic 'recovery'

As more and more teens are being forced to delay going to college and young adults are prevented from moving out of the parents' house and starting lives of their own (this includes getting married, having kids, etc) due to increased financial pressures of limited income means and increased debt load..
~ Three nerdy kids and um.. MILF Mom in white gets a pass...

From that, it is perfectly natural from a psychological perspective to revert back to the mindset of a child and embrace Batman, Spiderman and all those superheroes part of a person's life (especially male) when times seemed much better.. and safer.

That doesn't mean I can stand to sit through any of those crap movies from Superman to Ironman but I do get it..

The perfect escape for this generation's recession-depression.

And the beauty of these CGI special effects dominated films from Hollywood's perspective is they translate so well to an international audience, especially counrties economically worse off than the US
~ Eleven people.. Four light sabers..  Zero dates..

And as long as a film is made that does not offend Chinese sensibilities, pretty much every silly comic book film will make a fortune overseas.

Here's the early 21st century Villain OK checklist:

Russians (especially mobsters and 'rogue agents')  --  Check..

White Southern 19th cent. Slaveowners --  Check..

Corporate CEOs with British accents -- Check..

North Korea --  Check..
~ Some women in traditional Muslim garb..  oh wait.. no sorry.. More Star Wars fans.. My bad..

Here's some of the 21st century Villain no-no list:

Chinese leaders -- Nope..

Middle Eastern people especially Muslims -- Nope..

Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Women, Atheists or the disabled.. Nope.

That's the world we live in today so one can either stomach it or start renting films from before 9/11
~ Camden NJ could use a few heroes like him...

Hollywood will always be in existence and always continue to put out profitable films because it skillfully always seems to know what the public wants and needs, sometimes even before the audience themselves realize it..

And right now people need the visual equivalent of a box of sprinkled donuts or cupcakes.

They need to see good 100% of the time triumph over evil, and for it to take place in far-off distant worlds or far far off into the future

And they want to see love but not really expressive acts of sex because that to many is 'obscene' and we must protect the kiddies from seeing a woman's nipple (ample cleavage is OK)
~ Kirk would totally destroy Darth because phaser guns kill quicker then a big light saber compensating for small penis

At the same time, people want to see lots of blood and gore; endless gun play and car chases and fiery explosions and all that 'good' stuff one can see in any PG-13 film

And people want to laugh as long as nothing offensive is ever uttered about any group or denomination, even in momentary jest  (Totally OK to mock Christians of faith though)

And like I expressed before, due to a continually depressing economic outlook for tens of millions of people, they want to go back in time and re-live the past which is why they will go see garbage like the all-female remake of Ghostbusters currently being filmed and get a boner (or moist) at the rumor of an Indiana Jones re-do
~ OMG!  Look kids.. 'Batman & Robin' (1997) star George Clooney!!

Hollywood has no originality or scruples..

If they could figure how to create a profitable remake of 'Birth of a Nation' or make an animated Disney Pixar version of Schindler's List with inanimate objects that come to life and talk & sing, they absolutely would..

And best part?  No Chinese villains to offend their censor board.