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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Lil' Quiz:Department Store Sales Shell Games

I am what you call a professional shopper..

That means I am constantly aware of store prices and the various week to week, or in some cases day to day changes

This is why unless I am buying a gift or some immediate need, I keep tags on apparel and items unopened for a couple weeks after I buy to make sure I get the best deal possible.
So today I thought it would be fun to give all of you a short 3 question quiz based on actual experiences and dealings with department stores to see if you can spot the best price

If you go 3 for 3, you get to place a gold star or strawberry scratch n- sniff sticker on your chest

Question 1:  At Macy's you see a shirt you wish to buy that's regularly $55 but is on sale..  Which promo is the best?

A)  50% off
B)  40% off + extra 10% when using promo code
C)  35% off + extra 20% when using promo code
D)  Save extra $10 with any $50+ purchase

~ "The Conjurer" - Bosch

Answer:  A --  50% of $55 = $27.50  (Answer B = $29.70; Answer C = $28.60;  Answer D - $45)

Question 2:  At Target, a zip-up hoodie sweatshirt is originally $25 but on sale..  Which promo is the best?

A)  20% off using cash or regular credit card
B)  15% off + extra 5% using Target Red Card
C)  30% off but paying cash or regular credit card
D)  $5 off + extra 5% using Target Red Card

Answer:  C -- 30% off $25 = $17.50  (Answer A = $20; Answer B = $20.19;  Answer D = $19)

Question 3:  You see a watch you really like which has an MSRP of $150 and is sold at a number of different physical and online stores, all of which on sale..  Based on following sales offered, which is the best value?

A)  Macy's selling $150 watch on sale for 30% off + additional 10% when using Macy's card + 6% sales tax

B)  Kohl's selling $150 watch at 10% off but you have coupon for additional 30% off + 6% sales tax

C)  Amazon selling $150 watch for $100.17 + free shipping + zero tax

D)  EBay the $150 watch is selling brand new for $85 + $7.95 shipping + zero tax

Answer: D -- $85 + $7.95 = $92.50  (Answers A to C come to $100.17 each {don't forget A & B had 6% sales tax})

Stores like Macy's and Target do these kind of 'sales' shell games all the time..  In the case of Amazon, prices can change back n forth by the hour...

So be aware and always keep a trusty calculator handy

Just not in your shirt pocket because that is totally 'Poindexter'