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Monday, June 1, 2015

America's Most Intelligent Sports Fans Are...

Often you will hear former and current athletes and people associated with sports declare that 'This' city or 'That' team's fan base are the most intelligent and knowledgeable in the country, if not the world.

Its one of those empty compliments where it can be endlessly debated among rival fans but makes the target of the compliment feel oh so good...

'New York has the best fans in the country...'

'When it comes to passion, no one better than Boston Celtics fans..'

'Philadelphians keep it real more than any other sports fans in the country..'

Sorry but No..
The smartest and most truthful fans in all of American sports are..

Miami Marlins fans.

Huh??  WTF?   Get outta' here!

Sorry again but its true...

Because truly intelligent fans that really understand the ins and outs of sports including the business side, do not Ever blindly support teams in last place that make no sincere commitment to winning by attending live games...

Miami Marlins fans basically express themselves like this:

'Our time like our money is precious and we have a thousand other things we can do for fun and diversion in South Florida.. When you put an inferior product on the field, we're not coming to see it and you can not play the generational loyalty BS card with us because we're a community of transients'

Here's an example of why Miami Marlins fans are the most intelligent in sports and for this comparison, we'll  use the Philadelphia Phillies.

In 2013, the Phillies finished 73-89 while the Marlins ended up at 62-100.   Both terrible seasons with Marlins being worse.
That year Phillies attendance was just over 3 million people ranking it 4th in the National League..  Three million people paid good money to see a bad team.

The Marlins attendance that year?  1.58 million which is just about Half the Phillies number and comes out to 19,500 people per game.

In 2014, the Marlins actually had a better record than Philly by one game (Marlins finished 74-88 and Phillies 73-89 to end up last in NL East)

So what was attendance figures for that year?
Some Phillies fans did smarten up for it dropped to 2.4 million people last year.   Marlins fans weren't fooled one bit by all the roster moves and promises of improvement -- attendance bumped up only gradually to 1.6 million.

This year as of this writing the Phillies are a terrible 19-33 and on pace to lose over 100 games while the Marlins are just a smidge better at 20-31

And guess which franchise will be Rewarded at the ticket counters for their consistent losing ways?

Now Phillies fans used to be smarter but we're talking many generations ago..
For instance in 1921, the team finished 51-103 (they played a 154 game schedule back then vs 162 games today) and attendance for the 77 home dates came to 274,000 people averaging out to 3,500 fans per game

For accurate perspective, the 1st place NY Giants that year had an attendance of 975,000 so people did not attend baseball overall as much as today but you get the idea in the comparison.

The Phillies between the late 1910's and late 1940s were in last place over 20 different years and the dum-dum fans Still loyally attended and supported their failures.

Guess those older Phillies fans were not 'that' smart...
And what was motivation of the various owners to ever do anything to improve the team as long as people kept attending??  

No wonder why it took 97 years for the Phillies to win their first World Series!

People really don't understand sports..

Loyalty and devotion is wonderful but it should be best saved for family, loved ones, friends and the nation/community to which you live in..

Not privately owned professional sports franchises!
The Phillies are as "Philadelphia" as Philly brand cream cheese or as 'Federal' as FedEx and people forget how the current Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria took hold of ownership of the team..

There was a time when Montreal had a franchise called the Expos -- Loria owned that.  Current Red Sox owner John Henry owned the Marlins.

Then as the Expos collapsed, MLB allowed Henry to sell the Marlins to Loria so he could then buy the 'Sawx' and MLB took ownership of the Expos until it was ultimately relocated to Washington as the current Nationals.

In other words, its all business...
~ Marlins fans enjoying a game at old stadium a few years back

There is no loyalty by anyone to any city and if not for contracts locking teams to the cities they play for, every franchise would constantly relocate to whoever city was going to provide the nicest stadium and most tax breaks.

Loyalty and devotion in sports is really nothing to take pride in..

If your team is perpetually in last place and you keep supporting them, especially by paying to see them play live in person, you are a capital-L Loser.

And if you decide in the interim to find other teams or sports to follow, keep a healthy detachment and do not give a penny of your money to that franchise while its terrible, then you like Miami Marlins fans are Intelligent