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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bruce Jenner - A Contrarian Opinion

So its old new by now..  Bruce Jenner is now 'Caitlyn' even though he really is still Bruce

And everyone especially in the media is to refer to 'He' as 'She' even though the 'He' never truly changed..

What are we talking about?  Things have 'changed' haven't they?

Bruce did take estrogen to alter his hormone balance and he did get breast implants and let his hair grow out long to match his fingernails..

So the argument is 'if that is not a 'she', what is?'
Well let's put aside the fact that Bruce still possesses a penis, a topic of discussion that should have been question #1 but few to none have had the guts to ask or discuss


"Nancy Grace, never one to dance around critical issues, very bluntly asks her guest, CNN's Brian Stelter, if Caitlyn Jenner still has a penis...

“Does he have a penis?” Nancy asked?

Put on the spot by this awkward inquiry, Stelter responded, “The best answer I’ve got is that she (Caitlyn) has said in the past that’ll be the last part.”"
So either a good tuck n' roll job by the former Olympic Decathlon Champion or an even better PhotoShop job by those at Vanity Fair

And speaking of Champion, if Bruce always wanted to be a soft, curvy woman, why devote all those years in the early 1970's to be a muscular, finely-ripped masculine athlete capable of achieving gold?!

So let's put aside the fact that Bruce still pees standing up and answer for yourself this question:

A woman is ravaged with cancer..  She ends up having a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy so now there's no more breasts and no more ovaries and in addition her estrogen levels are lower than what would be deemed 'normal'..
What gender is this person now?

This woman, born a female is still a female.

Or one can look at it like this..  If you drive a Toyota and you attach a Mercedes hood ornament, get the vehicle re-painted in MB patented Mars Red, and use Mercedes brand floor mats & hubcaps, did your Toyota magically transform itself into a Benz?

Or is it the same Toyota?
~ Bruce with second wife Linda Thompson who also dated Elvis prior to his death in 1977

Now in the media, Everyone is supposed to be 100% supportive and encouraging of the decision of this sad, attention-seeking lost soul..

And anyone who isn't or dared to write anything critical or negative..  Good luck keeping your job..

There was absolutely no diversity of opinion to be found on Bruce being transgender in the G-D corporate controlled media..

Even jokes about Bruce were censored and edited out of TV content, just like Fascist Nazis and Communists would do when they didn't want a different point of view expressed..  "It looks like Spike TV didn't find Clint Eastwood's joke about Caitlyn Jenner during the Guys' Choice Awards taping on Saturday very funny.

A rep for the male-centered network said the reference will be cut from the telecast.

"We will remove the reference in the version that will air," David Schwarz, Spike TV senior vice president of communications, said in a statement.""

So we live in a supposed 'Free' country where pieces of dung can determine that jokes making fun of a messed up loser is not to be televised...
Now had Clint made fun of religion or Republicans or 'rednecks', the joke would have stayed in...

But TV like movies and news have an Agenda to push..  It is called Social Engineering and you are to accept it or be bombarded and overrun by it..

So let's wrap up with the penis thing again..

What makes a man a man and a woman a woman?

Men can be attracted to men as women to women.. It is called being gay and they don't need a complete physical alteration of their bodies to find whatever love and happiness they seek..
There's also cross dressers ..  Some people just enjoy dressing as the opposite gender does and finds a contentment of sorts in specific attire, yet they know ultimately who they are.

If you have a penis and testicles which create semen, how are you not a male?

People overall are just not content with who they are and where they come from..

Some show discontentment by inventing hyphenated words to create a faux exceptionalism for their race or ethnicity that really does not exist as reality..  'African American' which emphasises place of heretical origin superior to place of birth is as good an example as any..
Some show discontentment with who they are by covering their body in tattoos and/or piercings so they can alter their skin and subconsciously seek pain

Some wear blue contacts to hide their brown eyes or get plastic surgery to make their faces look more  symmetrical; more Aryan

For a few including lost-soul Bruce Jenner, he tries to alter his body to that of a 'she'
And if Bruce is a heterosexual who loves women, then as 'Caitlyn' would that make "her" now a lesbian?

And if Bruce secretly was gay, would that mean that only as 'Caitlyn' could he feel straight?

It is a messed up world folks and its only getting worse...