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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Choosing Who Appears on Money

I read yesterday that the Treasury is doing away with Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill

Personally I am fine with it since he was a big proponent of a strong centralized government and believed everyday people were essentially idiots who should have as little a say in politics as possible..

The problem is the new face is going to be a woman's face which on the face of it, once again I'd have no problem if a truly representative woman was chosen over equally deserving men.

But no, that's not how this Phucked-up country works..
A woman has to be on a $10 bell simply because to paraphrase one US Senator's reaction, this will give inspiration to young girls everywhere.

Guess Susan B. Anthony on the $1 coin wasn't 'inspiring' enough

Its amazing how often women are demeaned and denigrated especially by other women in positions of power or superiority who think they're giving empowerment.

If you need to see your own gender or race or religion or sexual orientation on a piece of money or stamp or a TV sitcom in order to feel good about yourself and proud of who you are, then you are PATHETIC!

No way to sugar coat it..

You want to feel good about yourself?

Grow up, look in the mirror and be content with who you are.

You want your children to feel good about themselves?

Teach them and push them into activities that result in achievement and participating in competition.  Specifically, the kind where every adorable lil' munchkin does NOT win a medal or ribbon just for showing up.
So fun sake I decided to use the 'only a woman can appear on new $10' nonsense to inspire me to completely do-over who is on the front of every paper bill and coin of everyday significance.

My only rules is unlike real-life, I can choose living people as well as the deceased and I will make a concerted effort to make it multi-cultural since that's the big fad of the day..

$1 bill  --  I keep George Washington for historic and symbolic reasons
$5 bill --  Absolutely Positively get rid of that bastard Lincoln and instead put Thomas Jefferson who is actually a far more important President and who did far more for this nation than Abe did.

Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, was a Statesman, an Intellectual defending the rights of the everyday person and the agrarian especially,

Jefferson also served two terms as President and was instrumental in the expansion westward of our once small nation to extend itself to the Mississippi River thanks to the Louisiana Purchase.

Lincoln basically used military might i.e. death and destruction to Force one half the nation back into a loveless political shotgun marriage to appease Wall Street and Northern business interests while pretending he cared about the plight of blacks in order to create a moral cause to justify Sherman's March
$10 bill  --  Since the Treasury says this Must be a woman, I select Condoleezza Rice.

She is intelligent, artistic (a gifted pianist), served as the first black female National Security Advisor then first black female Secretary of State..

LBJ or Carter or Clinton didn't first appoint one..  A Republican did.

And did I forget to mention Condi is black which means fills two holes as she is my sole representative for that race on future US money
$20 Bill  --  I'm keeping Andrew Jackson because not only was he a great 2-term President who had the guts to fight Wall St and the profiteers who wanted to establish a National Bank (prelude to the modern Fed)...

But Old Hickory was a brave Indian fighter and in spite of all politically correct revisionist history to the contrary, it was absolutely necessary to push them out the Southeast US.

Anyone in Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi who feels different, you're free to find an Indian American and sign over your home, car and all worldly possessions to him/her as a token of white person guilt.
$50 Bill --  Grant has got to go!   And go he shall in my exercise...

Here my choice is General Von Steuben, the German officer so vital to instilling discipline and organization into the ragtag colonial troops at Valley Forge back in the winter of 1777-78.

His accomplishments are always glossed over in history books but by teaching essentially farmers and tradesmen to fight like soldiers in the face of British forces, at that time the best in the world is worth being on the $50..

Also Von Steuben was a gay man so it perfectly fits as representation.

$100 Bill --   I admire Ben Franklin and all his accomplishments so he stays
Penny --  Once again, Lincoln is gone...

My choice instead is Latino hero Cesar Chavez who was very instrumental as a labor leader and co-founded the National Farm Workers' Association.

His public-relations approach to unionism and aggressive but nonviolent tactics made the farm workers' struggle a moral cause with nationwide support.
Nickel --  I admire Jefferson (and Washington) very much but for the sake of this exercise, I won't have the same person on more than one money denomination

So for the 5-cent coin, I put Thomas Edison whose inventions of the incandescent light bulb and the first movie projectors, among others we all take for granted today..

However, our world would be so vastly different if not for Edison and his accomplishments, so he deserves to be honored
Dime -- FDR I also admire but I plan on putting him on the quarter so I need to find an Asian to fill the ethnicity quota and the dime is a good place..

After doing some research on great Asian Americans, there really was only one person who was genuinely famous and who touched so many peoples' lives both in his time and up to the present.

Bruce Lee, who was born in San Francisco and was/is a pop culture icon and to this day arguably the greatest martial arts fighter ever..

Quarter -- FDR
Half-Dollar -- I noticed I had no Jewish people on this list so to honor both them and the Confederacy, I select Judah Benjamin

Not only did he serve the CSA as Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense at one time or another in the nation's short history when it took another 75 yrs for a US President to appoint someone Jewish to so high a government position..

Benjamin also was a very successful plantation owner and served as one of the first Jewish people to become a US Senator representing Mississippi prior to the Civil War.

Funny how tolerant and Advanced the "backward" South was, huh?

Dollar Coin -- Personally I'd put Eisenhower back on the coin since his importance as Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces during WWII and the successful invasion of Normandy can not be minimalized.

OK, so I got just about every bean covered (sorry Muslims)..

Let's see.. There's White, Black, Male, Female, Straight, Gay, Pro-Union, Pro-Confederate, Hispanic, Asian, Republican, Democrat, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish...Even a Deist or two..

One happy monetary 'family'.

Now its your turn..  Who do you choose?