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Friday, June 5, 2015

Exercise: How much $$ Would It Take for You to be Bought'?

Today's post is less a typical blog submission than an exercise to provoke thought where there really are no right answers but its interesting to think and reflect upon how you respond safe the privacy of your mind

And I've been thinking of an old vaudeville joke which goes like this:

-- A man goes up to a woman and says out of the blue, 'If I give you $10 million, will you right now go have sex with me in the back of my car?'  to which the woman replies after initial shock 'For $10 million, sure'

The man then says, 'Will you have sex with me for $20?' to which the woman aghast replies 'What kind of woman do you think I am?!'

His reply: 'I know what type of woman you are.. We're just now negotiating price.'
And it is so true isn't it?  Not just about sex but anything in life..

People have a price to which they can be bought or 'owned' or changed

Now of course there are exceptions to the rule based on what exactly one is asking another to do, and how fervent their belief system is.

For instance, one person might choose to never ever convert to Islam and live the sincere life of a Muslim, not for a Million-Billion-Trillion dollars and would rather die.

Another person, the asking price might be $250k.
But overall people can be and are continually bought and made to do things they normally would not do or wish to participate in for money.  

And if you disagree then you really do not understand the concept of the employer-employee relationship..

*  'Jill, I'm sorry but I need you to postpone your vacation and come in next week including Saturday so the project can be completed'..

* 'Billy, someone threw up in the men's room.. please go get a mop and clean up the mess (since I am paying you $8.25/hr)'...

* 'Anne, our dress code for work is a blue polo shirt (the official shirt of business casual conformity), white slacks and black sneakers'...
So here are some scenario/situations we pose and think about your response..

How much money would it take for you to agree to:

--  Have your head shaved..  Remember, hair grows back..  $10?  $100?  $10,000?  More?

--  Take a whipped creme pie to the face while the act is being recorded with a camera phone..

--  Get a permanent tattoo on your arm of a patriotic symbol i.e. eagle, flag, etc..  This is assuming you've never had a tattoo before

-- Stay awake for 40 hours with no napping or momentary dozing periods in-between..
-- Appear as an art model and stand completely naked in front of a university-level class so they could paint, sketch or sculpt you...  No cheating by standing behind an object or crossing arms..

-- Live a life with no television in the home..

-- Work for a corporation that could decide to send you at a moment's notice to another branch in a different part of the country and you were expected to Immediately go and start working in the new area (like pro sports athletes are expected)..

--  Vote during a National Election for the Presidential candidate of the Opposite party you are affiliated with and disagree completely with..
-- Never work again.. If agreed, you'd never ever be able to work in any capacity where money was involved including setting up your own business, charity, endowment,etc.  All would be forbidden

You could have hobbies and interests like reading or travelling but if you do any physical or intellectual labor of any kind for another, it has to be done for free..  How much money would it take? (senior citizens' answers do not count)

-- Relocate with your immediate family (lover/spouse &children but not parents, siblings) to another country of your choosing but the move is to be permanent and you'd never step foot in the US ever again..

*Whatever your asking price is, it would be converted to the currency of the new nation you permanently reside in i.e. Euros, Pesos, Rubles, etc..
So think hard now... How much money would it take to agree:

-- To never get married

-- To never have children

-- To never date another person

-- To forever forgo having sex

How much $$ would it take to change you?