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Thursday, June 25, 2015

From Politically Correct to Political Correction

We didn't want to keep writing on the Confederate Flag, and all those Evil people who are doing everything humanly possible to remove it from the popular culture zeitgeist, but we see we have to..

The whole Stars n Bars contrivance has been a welcome distraction from the real and very profound problems this country faces and the latest escalation in what has been a relentless attempt to polarize the nation over the past several years

Instead of the standard ways this is done through political ideology, race, gender, sexual preference, ethnic background, this time the emphasis is on geographic origin and an implied relapse to the days of latent the pre-Civil War "racism" which of course only occurred in the South.. ~eyes rolled
Seems Apple, a company run by a homosexual who happily does business in third world nations that violently oppress other homosexuals, has gotten into the fray of being fascist Nazis by by Banning all Civil War themed game apps because of its use of the Confederate flag.

"Apple has removed seemingly all Civil War games from the App Store for displaying the Confederate Flag in "offensive and mean-spirited ways,"" - MacWorld

In other words, the games mostly strategy in nature simply show that a Confederacy existed and dares to allow participants to take their side as an option instead of a game where you can only represent the Union defeating the Confederacy.
~ This is the type of material Apple censored as 'racist'

What is next-- Will Amazon remove all books, magazines and any other educational material on the Civil War that dares to paint any kind of fair light on the CSA?  

Or just ban biographies on CSA Generals by noted historians and History professors

And who knows.. maybe libraries will one day follow suit and just outright remove from the bookshelves all books that do not paint the Confederacy and their leadership as evil.

As we said, this is what the Nazis did to the Jews..
~ Translation:  "Do not buy from Jews.. Buy from German shops"

They didn't just expel them and send them on trains and kill them..  First, the Nazis had to devalue and historically re-write their cultural impact on German life to give the impression German Jews were not actually 'German'

So the Nazis re-wrote whatever history books they did not burn and were successfully able to portray German Jews who had been part of the social fabric of life for hundreds of years into a lower form than gypsies and vagabonds.

And had the Nazis won WWII the entire population of Europe would have seen their histories revised as well.
~ And all the CSA apps and books and music and flags and other historical markers were tossed onto the bonfire.. And the blacks and white-guilters placed their right hands out in the air.."

And that is exactly what is going on by Apple and others..

The Civil War DID occur, the Confederacy DID exist and the Stars n Bars WAS their military battle flag.. All 100% factual historical truths.

And we're seen a supposedly free and open society led by spiteful black scum and white-guilter vermin try to whitewash reality because a sick white man killed innocent black parishioners in a church.
~ So not only do we buy everything from China and in economic debt to China, now our nation is Becoming China..

Where does such selective "pre-screening" of what is deemed appropriate for public consumption end and WHO makes that determination?

Is it you?  Is it We?

Because at last check every single nation that imposed such a "filter" to its own history no longer exists.
Funny how many people went out of their way to see the film "The Interview" and how many outlets were determined to show it based on perceived censorship and banning by North Korea..

And yet how many of the same people happily go along with governmental and corporate censorship of the Stars n' Bars..

It's a slippery slope folks, and one day something you care about will be banned too

~ "Well I'm Proud to be an American...  Where at least I know I'm Free..  To Censor, Remove and outright Ban all to do with the Confederacy..  And I Proudly stand up.. Next to you and make sure that you comply.. For the PC police are running the show.. With a vigilant Eye!"

** sung to the music of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA"