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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let's Rally for O'Malley..

A few days ago former Governor of Maryland and former mayor of Baltimore Martin O'Malley announced he was running for the Democrat nomination to be President.

And while we at A&G know at this moment next to nothing about this man or his public record or where he stands on important issues of the day, one thing we can say with total sincerity..

We hope to God he is the Democrat nominee and not that rotten, corrupt, egotistical, power-hungry, decrepit old Bitch crone Hillary

Did we forget to make reference to her age?
~ He is young, healthy, nice muscles and plays guitar.. What's there not to like?

We admire Sen Bernie Sanders but too many Kool-Aid drinking lovers of Wall Street and greed out there that would ever allow a decent, good man like Sanders and his beliefs in economic fairness for all to win even one primary.

Now O'Malley refers to himself as the last person Wall Street CEOs want to see running in 2016, so that gives some hope..

We do remember an Oreo cookie two elections ago promising the same thing then Immediately firing his election economic advisory team once elected in favor of a group more conciliatory toward banks and the stock market..

So who knows..  All one can hope really is O'Malley is sincere, the real-deal and actually keeps whatever economic promises he makes
~ O'Malley even loves history and dresses as a War of 1812 re-enactor.. How great is that?!!  Would Hillary dress as Dolley Madison?

Or maybe some other Democrat will step into the ring and he/she will win the honor of representing the left rather than the last few leaders who have really represented the center-right on the economy but it just appears left compared to where a lot of the tax-cutting hardliner Reps are positioned.

We do know Hillary is a rotten old Bitch and she is absolutely the worst thing for this nation right now and really at any time.

If the following example doesn't show the True Hillary, nothing will..
So yesterday some of her devoted and loyally faithful were standing in line to get an opportunity to meet the woman they delusionally admire so much

One admirer in particular, a nice woman saw Hillary walk by and asked if she could the former First Lady's photo.  Because the woman didn't look like she had any $250k donation checks much less $200 in her purse, the icy response uttered twice by Hillary was "Go to the end of the line"

Hillary defenders will argue 'this' and 'that' but really there are three basic jobs of all political candidates of all political stripes from President to local Sheriff: 1) Shake hands, 2) Kiss babies, and 3) Let your picture be taken.

When did seasoned pro Old Hillary forget this?
~ O'Malley exiting the freezing Atlantic Ocean- not the most brainy-Smurf thing to do but look at those abs!

So anyways, its good to see someone step up and at least make an attempt to stop this potential anointment, and who knows maybe others will follow..

For now at least, where do we get our 'O'Malley for President' bumper stickers?