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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NAACP Silliness

People get upset by the silliest of things..

Take the news story that a white woman, Rachel Dolezal pretended to be black so she could be head of the NAACP branch in Spokane, Washington.

Everyone is in such a huff..  'How dare she!'.. Etc.. Etc..

Well why not?

In 2015 when everyone is doing their utmost to stomp out discrimination, especially in the work place , why can't a non-black be head of a black organization?
We do have a black President of a predominantly White nation don't we?  And we have had white mayors lead predominantly black populaces before..

And people are more than happy to pretend Bruce Jenner is now a 'she' when the penis he holds when urinating says otherwise, yet a white person can't pretend be black?

In fact, if Rachel was a black tranny, everyone would applaud it..

Just can't be that 'evil' skin color of beige..  That's terrible.. Boo!
The woman either thinks or believes or wishes she was negro so her intentions were based on love of that group rather than a desire to do evil..  So what is the big deal a wigger led one of the NAACP chapters?

Her goal was advancing the agenda of colored people, as the abbreviation states (National Association for Advancement of Colored People)..

Rachel empathized with the coloreds and wanted to make their lives better -- what is the big deal?

Besides, in Spokane County, Washington with a population of 484,000 people, only 1.9% or a little under 9,200 blacks live there,,   Sounds like a wonderful place to live actually..

But taking that population and comparing it to hundreds of other US cities, you see how inconsequential and unnecessary that branch is..
Quite frankly, the NAACP itself as an organization has outlived its purpose and relevance.

It was formed in 1909 when there was 'separate but equal' and Jim Crow and all that..  There were real issues to deal with and real discrimination to combat

But today blacks can vote unimpeded, can sit anywhere on the bus or at a restaurant and can even defecate in the same toilets as whitey..

Thanks to preferential treatment like Affirmative Action, blacks can get into any college they want, obtain loans to attend without any collateral, and get any job they want while crying 'racism' any time someone passes them by on the ladder of career promotion..
Blacks now live in mansions, wear horsey-playing shirts and drive Mercedes and BMW just like anyone else.  They're also over-represented in sports, in television and can get their pick of the litter of any attractive white girl with an inferiority complex they wish..

So how in 2015, are blacks being held back?

Some will argue the schools are terrible and not properly educating black children for the future..

Well it does take two to tango..
One can teach little attention-deficit tykes till blue in the face but if children aren't studying and doing homework and instead playing basketball, well..  How dare you expect a different result?!!

Do you think children of Asian-Indian, Far East and Jewish descent are spending 4-8hrs a day on the basketball court pretending they are one day going to be the next LeBron James??

Or are they taking school serious, have parents that actually give a damn and end up not as druggies and convicts, but as doctors, attorneys, accountants, scientists, and successful business people?
Generally speaking, blacks love holding onto those crutches which is why organizations like NAACP still exist.

And they Love when something like Ferguson or Baltimore happens

Not only is it their only chance to be semi-relevant, but its excellent for email donation campaigns to all its members.
If blacks truly want to succeed economically into the 21st century, here's what they really need to do:

1)  Put down the god-damn basketball (or football/baseball) and visit the local library

The chances of someone playing sports professionally is so minuscule, you have a better chance playing the state lottery.

And even if a black kid is lucky and talented enough, the average NBA career is less than 2 seasons... For every LeBron, there's two dozen full time bench warmers
2)  Learn a marketable trade..

Learn to fix something.. An automobile, an air conditioner or heating unit, a toilet, a leaky roof..

Jobs like that will never be outsourced
3)  Learn to speak and act like a professional..

All that Ebonics garbage has got to go!  Same thing with the be-bop walk and the cornrows and the tattoos covering your body, especially the face and neck..

Stop embracing and celebrating the guttural aspects of your culture!

No professional business wants to hire someone who looks like a thug or amazon from the dark jungles.  Maybe a $8/hr job doesn't care but if a black ever wants to better him/herself and work in a professional environment for a good wage, appearance matters.
4)  Cut ties with anyone keeping you down..

Friends.. Family.. the environment you grew up in..  Does not matter.  There's no such thing as 'brothers' or 'sisters'..  It is as bullshit as 'African American'..   You either are a free person or a slave to your color.

Blacks who are failures love to try to hold back successful blacks by saying its their responsibility to pull up all those around them..   NO!

A person only has a responsibility to themselves and immediate family if they were supportive and loving.. That is it.   Anyone who puts you down or throws guilt, toss them aside.
So that's a primer on how to succeed in the real world..

The NAACP is completely irrelevant and devoid of any importance, and if a self-hating white woman who wishes she was black wants to lead the 1.9% of the Spokane population who aren't Caucasian, then let her.