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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stepping Back From the Cesspool

There are times in a person's life where one must look in the mirror, be brave and make the difficult choice to stop an activity or action that is ruining one's life physically, emotionally or spiritually.

For some that moment might be to admit to themselves they are an addict or an alcoholic and go commit to seeking necessary treatment.

For others it might be the realization that a divorce or relationship breakup is the only way to reclaim one's individuality or sanity.

Everyone has their own 'gardens' that need tending to..
For myself, to keep my sanity, I had to do something yesterday that on the face of it will appear very comical or silly but nonetheless expressed sincerely.

To save myself, I had to make a decision to stop reading magazines.

I had started a free month trial a few weeks ago to NextIssue which provides more than 140 popular US and Canadian magazines to read for one low price and it is actually a great deal & NextIssue is a good business which I hope they have future success..

The problem was the magazine content themselves..   When you really see what is out there; what is promoted and pushed upon the public.. The absolute shallowness of it all in full bombardment..
It just makes a person's head ache and their tensions peak.

Where to begin..

I started by looking at all the various women's magazines from Glamour to Cosmo, and it was incredible how all these meaningless fluff publications talked down to and demeaned the intelligence of women..

Want to know how Celebrity X got to feeling empowered?   She got a dramatic haircut..

Want to know how you can overcome the blues?   Go shopping!   Try a new shade of lipstick!
~ "Scarlett Johansson -- Dangerous & Heavenly".   WTF!  lol

NextIssue allows you to look at back catalogue of all their magazine offerings so I glanced at many titles..   Simple amazing how many times that classless cunt Kim Kardashian graces the cover

Then I focused on magazines aimed at the home and cooking..   Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living, etc..

Couldn't relate to any of them..
Can't speak for others but I am far too busy to spend hours in the kitchen baking biscuits and cupcakes and 50 different versions of fried chicken from scratch.

Some people have that skill and possess real flair..  I give myself gold stars when I don't burn the waffles in the toaster.

So next are the fitness magazines..  Men's & Women's Health, Shape.. etc..

Do I really need a magazine to tell me how to jog?  Or how to lose 10lbs?   Eat less junk, eat more fruits and veggies and exercise more..  Done.
~  Ooh.. 9 steps to perfect breasts.. I prefer no more than 7 steps but I guess 9 is doable..

And truth is you can have the most perfect body with the biggest biceps or tightest abs and tummy but when its your time to go, all that 10 mile/day running and eating wheat germ and almond milk isn't going to save you from a car crash or the big C

Well aren't I a Debbie Downer today?

So then I decided to glance at sports publications and men's style magazines to see if there was anything worth reading..
Pretty hard in this instant information age for me to sit and read about sporting events which occurred 4-7 days ago and ESPN Magazine in particular seemed aimed at teens.

Same thing really for Details, Esquire, GQ and Maxim..  I never thought hot cars were 'cool'..  Neither did the glorification of semi-automatic weapons and the excitement of video games hold appeal.  I'm still trying to master Ms Pac Man & Frogger.

So subject by subject I found nothing that appealed to me; nothing that triggered any active thinking on my end, and I certainly knew the gossip rags like Star and People! would dumb down my IQ a good 30pts by reading, which I admit I did..
~ Brad Pitt..  Well how bout' dem' apples..

So pissed off I know who the Bacherlorette is.. or the Duggars..   I do admit I found it interesting that Ben Affeck is getting a divorce but the over-saturation of Bruce Gender.. I mean Jenner and his lil 'thing' and one of his worthless daughters now pregnant at 17, and on and on..

I ultimately felt physically ill glancing at these trash mags.

So what else was there to look at?

Magazines on Biking and Surfing and Running?  No
Money mags like Forbes?  Hell no..

The only type of magazine I could stand that triggered thinking and dreaming and non-erotic fantasizing were home decor magazines like Architectural Digest, Veranda and Elle Decor.

I find it relaxing to just see how others expensively decorate their homes and decide for myself if its a hit or miss.

In these magazines there's no political or social agendas to push like in Vanity Fair and New Yorker.. They are also not loud and desperate to be cool like every magazine aimed at 8-28 yr olds.
Unfortunately 2-3 monthlies is not worth keeping NetIssue at its monthly rate so I cancelled and felt this strange inner-peace.

No longer would these conduits of everything horrible about the pop-culture and media periphery that some want to embrace to extreme could filter into my clean, pristine world.

All the emptiness that fills the space between the ads was now once again over 'there'; the clutter and noise which was blocking n' clogging out the sound of the beats of my own drum.
So I looked in the mirror yesterday, made a decision and took action to save my sanity.

No shallow, vapid pop-culture garbage was going to seep into my soul

No cable TV and now no magazines..

It's really not a bad way to live.