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Monday, June 8, 2015

Summarizing the Goofball-7 Summit

~ Seven Goofballs smiling at no one in particular..

This weekend the latest G-7 Summit ended and I don't know.. I guess I'm supposed to care?

For those who don't know, the 'G' stands for 'Group' (I prefer Goofball) and the '7' represents the seven idiot 'dwarf' Presidents and Prime Ministers who meet every month and pretty much decide how they are going to keep up the balancing act of appeasing their financial masters while preventing social disorder.

At one time it was G-8 but I guess to the other seven, Putin was a naughty boy.  Something to do with fascist Ukraine, and now not only is he not allowed to join in the fun n' frivolity but one of the main topics of discussion is how to punish him and Russia
~ Merkel: "I had always heard blacks had big schwanzes (German for penis) but yours is That long??"

From AP:  "For the third time, Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin was barred from the summit due to what US President Barack Obama termed his "aggression in Ukraine", as the group of seven top powers closed ranks against Russia."

What a strong man our President is.. ~swoons...  If that is not Power, then I don't know what is!  Wheww..

Seven worthless individuals whose collective lives aren't worth a spit in the wind

But because of those titles, they get unprecedented Secret Service and military protection, and whatever location these worthless worms congregate in, is locked down like an armed fortress.
It really is funny and insipid how that works if you think about it logically..

Had Obama lost to McCain in 2008, the Secret Service protection he enjoyed as a candidate would have evaporated..  Poof..  And Barry Oreo would be just like any one of us, free to go anywhere and travel as he and his family pleased in relative privacy

But when you win, now the same life that has no more meaning and value than yours or mine as public citizen, becomes exalted and people professionally trained to take bullets and literally Die to protect really what amounts to a stranger will be on guard 24/7.

"The leaders also sought to thrash out other threats to global security over a lunch of Thai chicken soup, trout and a peach dessert with almonds.

In an unusual move, the G7 leaders invited the heads of countries threatened by jihadist groups, including the leaders of Nigeria and Iraq, both battling deadly insurgencies."
I can just imagine how these discussions went..

"Please.. we need your help desperately.. the insurgents are getting stronger by the day.. "

"Yes, we understand (sips soup)..  These are real problems you're dealing with (sips) .. So what do you want of me?"

"We need military assistance desperately to deal with these combatants.."

"Well.. (bites into a small piece of trout)   Can't do that..  Election coming up next year..  (another bite)  but I'll send some advisers..  But I have a very important question now to ask you..  could you please pass the sugar for my coffee?"
Then the Goofball 7 talked on climate change..

"The aim was to send a clear signal to push other nations taking part in the Paris meeting to commit to reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions, which threaten to melt ice caps and glaciers, raise sea levels and bring more violent storms and floods."

Of course most of the environmental damage done to global climate is done by 3rd world and developing nations who do not have the resources or desire to genuinely change how their factories and other industry pollutes the air...

So instead the focus will be within and making G-7 nations' industries which is already compliant to the latest environmental safety regulations even more so..
~ Big Brother on a balloon..

Its like the situation with gay rights around the globe.   Homosexuals are beaten, tortured and killed in some 3rd world Muslim nations and if people wanted to truly fight for civil rights based on sexual orientation, the focus would be Africa, Middle East and parts of Asia.

But in posh western nations like America, where people have more freedoms and civil rights protection to be who they wish to be than in any point in the history.. well that would take work and effort and caring beyond oneself

So rather than fight for their 'brothers' and 'sisters' being persecuted abroad, all they care about is marriage.

But back to the Goofball 7..
"Another pressing problem has been the haggling between debt-hit Greece and its international creditors -- the EU, ECB and IMF -- and the fear that a messy default could lead to Greece exiting the eurozone, with unknown repercussions for the world economy.

The issue arose again when the G7 leaders met another guest in their "outreach talks" Monday, International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde."

What a G-D sham that is!

1)  Greece, those Cowards should have defaulted on their debts and left the Euro a full 5 years ago!  But like all greasy rats, they want their cake and eat it too.. the 'perks' of being part of the Eurozone without financially holding up their end of the deal..
2)  The IMF for those who don't know is owned and run by the United States.. 86% of all its funding comes from US taxpayers with rest of world combining for other 14% so the US holds sole veto power on any decisions..

A non American is always put in charge of the bank so the common folk won't be so angry at the US every time the IMF swoops in with loan terms a nation can never pay back, then like vultures, privatizes the nation (takes over its infrastructure- buses, trains, airports, lottery..)

So as the big waste of time concluded with protesters kept far, far away where none of their targets would see or hear of them, the 7 Goofballs got together, drank beer in lederhosen (that is true) then took their giant arsenal of personal armed protection home with them

And the world woke up on Monday no different than the day before..