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Friday, June 26, 2015

Understanding there is no 'One' Confederate Flag

One question that people who are confused on the whole CSA flag issue and think it is racist like to ask or rather pontificate is this:

'What is the difference between the Confederate flag and the Nazi flag' followed by something like 'since they're both the same..

Which they are not..
~ Flag of the Confederate Native American Choctaw Brigade

The biggest difference is the Nazi flag of the black swastika in front of a white circle on a blood red flag was the Governmental and Political flag of Nazi Germany from the time Hitler took power until Germany's 1945 surrender.

Its intentions of representing racial and ethnic superiority to all other beings was very clearly demonstrated and the Nazis were quite up front with it.

The Governmental and Political flag of the Confederacy was this:
There were alterations to it during the short life of the Confederacy but this was the first flag, the one hung high in the Confederate capitol of at-first Montgomery, Al, and then Richmond, VA

The 'Stars and Bars' that everyone blames for every racist act from the dawn of man to the present was the military battle flag of the Confederate Army.

Below is another picture of a Confederate flag.. the Bonnie Blue
The flag was first used by the Republic of West Florida, which broke away from Spanish West Florida in September 1810 and was annexed by the United States 90 days later.

When the state of Mississippi seceded from the Union in January 1861, they adopted the Republic of West Florida Flag as many had ties to the West Florida rebellion. A flag bearing a single white star on a blue field was flown from the capitol dome

It was the official flag of the Confederacy for the first few months of 1861.

Now if you saw this decal on the back of a pick up truck would you be bothered?  Would you even have known what it represents if we didn't say so?
You could make an argument that the Stars n' Bars is not a flag of racism but liberation as demonstrated by the above WWII photo of a US Marine liberating Okinawa

And when US forces essentially liberated South Korea from the Communist control from the North, the Confederate flag was there, as seen below
And the beautiful flag was present in Vietnam as good, decent men were led to their graves by American Presidents moving them around, back n forth, to and fro like pawns on a chess board
~ US Marines in Vietnam, 1966

And our brave heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan show support for the flag..

 Even African liberation Armies embrace the CSA flag
So when people talk ignorantly of banning the Confederate flag, what are they really banning?

For 'This' was also a CSA battle flag under Gen. Van Dorn

And 'This' was the battle flag of Missouri Confederates

And 'This' was the battle flag of the 1st Tennessee, CSA

And 'This' was the Confederate battle flag of the Cherokees

And 'This' is the US Flag vis a vis a 1970s Boston race riot

And 'This' is the US flag decorating a sign in Detroit, 1943

Get the point?