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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wall Street's Biggest Fear involving the Dem Candidates

I wanted to continue a little bit with the posting written yesterday about Democrat challenger Mike O'Malley because I read an interesting headline from Business Insider which made me feel a bit hopeful if he somehow can develop a strong showing by the early primaries of 2016:

Martin O'Malley has reportedly become Wall Street's 'public enemy number one'

Doesn't that just give you a warm tingle down the leg?

""Martin O'Malley is now like, I would say persona non grata — public enemy number one in in the halls of Goldman Sachs, in the halls of Black Rock, the big money management firm. All throughout Wall Street right now," Fox Business News Correspondent Charles Gasparino said...
~ Headline from in 2014

O'Malley became Wall Street's bĂȘte noire by taking a shot at the financial industry during his announcement. In that speech, O'Malley accused Wall Street of essentially trying to anoint Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) as nominees in the 2016 race.""

This is 100% accurate..  Wall Street wants predictability and stability.  More importantly they want good, easily manageable puppets who will do what they are told and move in the directions where the strings tug

"Recently, the CEO of Goldman Sachs let his employees know that he’d be just fine with either [Jeb] Bush or [Hillary] Clinton. I bet he would," 
~ "All Hail the Queen Bitch.."

O'Malley said, adding, "Well, I’ve got news for the bullies of Wall Street: The presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth by you between two royal families. It is a sacred trust, to be earned from the American people, and exercised on behalf of the people of these United States."

In a previous television appearance on Monday, Gasparino suggested O'Malley's comments would make him the "last person" Wall Street would want to win the Democratic nomination.

Gasparino expanded on that analysis Tuesday. He claimed the financial industry "was not expecting" a presidential candidate to adopt the kind of aggressive approach towards Wall Street. 

Further, Gasparino suggested that even though O'Malley is polling far behind Clinton, there are fears his message could resonate and push Clinton "to the left" on Wall Street."
~ As much warmth as an iceberg..

The polling numbers today mean nothing.

We are seven full months from the New Hampshire primary and Iowa caucus.  How many people in the summer of 2007 knew who Obama was other than he was black?

The more important point is the longer both O'Malley and Sen. Bernie Sanders are in the fight and the louder their True-Democrat voices speak on the economy and the Evil which is Wall Street, the more it will force that old bitch crone Hillary to at least Pretend she is not an ugly old whore of the 1%.

"Gasparino said Wall Street fears this O'Malley effect could stop Clinton from doing "some of the things they want her to do like water down Dodd-Frank."
"They really think that if she gets in there, that if Hillary Clinton gets in there, that Dodd-Frank will be watered down to the point where they can do proprietary trading using their own capital to trade which is outlawed right now. 

And various aspects of Dodd-Frank will be freed up so the banks can go back to making a lot of money... Not that they don't make a lot of money now, but even more money, Clinton-era money.""

You didn't think the power elite that secretly run this nation from behind the curtain want Hillary as President because of her looks or personality did you?

People always say politics is corrupt and its all about money and power and influence, etc..
But those are just really empty words like saying 'The sky is blue and the sun is yellow'..  Most haven't the slightest clue as to 'Why'?

And most really don't know the specifics; the depths of economic corruption and rot which pervades our country especially from the banks, the market and the 1%, and quite frankly has been going on not for years or even decades, but over two centuries..

To truly be in the know would get in the way of singing the 'Star Spangled Banner' and draping ourselves around the Stars n' Stripes at every opportunity

I don't believe old Hillary was born a terrible, rotten bitch or even raised that way by her parents...
But like Darth Vader in kids movie 'Star Wars', at some point in her life she was easily corrupted and converted over to the dark side..

Who knows.. Maybe they had better cookies since as she famously said in 1992, she refused to stay home and bake them on her own.

The world might be a better place had she stayed in the kitchen.