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Monday, June 22, 2015

Which flag is more Racist: CSA or USA?

As always when innocent black people are killed for no reason by a white loon, the instinct is always to attach the Confederate flag into the debate as white-guilters and many blacks chomp at the bit for any excuse to have the Stars n Bars banned..

Of course when innocent whites are killed for no reason by blacks, no one ever seems to be up in arms about it..  Certainly no street protests or the sort..

Anyways the popular revisionist history narrative everyone seems to be indoctrinated into accepting as fact is that the battle flag of the Confederacy represents hatred and the US' Stars n' Stripes represent freedom, equality and the very best ideals of mankind..

So let us put that BS bias aside and answer these questions honest:
~ Poster from 1853, a good 8 years before the Civil War

--  What government's Constitution in 1787 allowed the slave trade i.e. foreign importation of slaves to continue for 20 years after the document was signed?

--  What government's Constitution officially made blacks 3/5ths a person for taxation purposes, then spent the next 80 years making one Compromise after another to protect slavery's existence?

It wasn't the Confederacy.. South Carolina seceded on Dec 20, 1860.
~ 'Trail of Tears' -- Took place decades before the existence of Confederacy

-- Which nation spent the better part of the 19th century decimating the original Native people of the country and those they could not kill by gun or smallpox blankets, they kept resettling west into reservations of poverty and misery?

Couldn't be the Confederacy..

In fact, many Native Americans even fought for the Stars n' Bars including Stand Watie, a Cherokee who served as the rank of Brigadier General for the CSA and fought the Union troops in Oklahoma
--  What nation's Supreme Court passed the Dred Scott verdict in 1856 where a slave entering free soil was still to be treated as chattel equal to a horse or dog and remain the full property of its owner?

--  What nation's highest Court in the land also voted in 1896 (Plessy v Ferguson) for the legalization of the concept of 'separate but equal', the basis for Jim Crow?

Do you need a hint?  OK, We're celebrating this nation's birth next week on the 4th of July

-- And where was the modern Klan formed back in the 1890s? (The original Klan which accepted Catholics and Jewish people as members disbanded in 1876 when Reconstruction ended.)

Answer:  Illinois

Hmm isn't that a Northern state?   Didn't they fight for the Union?
~ Jeepers Creepers, that Klansman isn't holding the CSA flag.. its the flag of 'justice' and 'racial equality'..

--  And in both 1925 & 1928 when so many people who were openly members, the Klan had a big ol' get-together, what nation's capitol did they have an open march without incident?

Hint:  The nation's capital is located in Washington DC, not Richmond.

--  And all those racial riots throughout the last century.. the killings and lynchings.. 34 individual race riots in 1919 alone... where did they take place mostly?

Answer:  Cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles..
~ Detroit, 1943..   I can't see well.. Does that guy's sweatshirt say 'CSA Army' or 'US Army' on it?

Are they considered 'Southern'?

And when boatloads of Jewish people were fleeing Nazi Germany persecution in the 1930s to find a safe haven home, which nation which also lays claim to the Statue of Liberty, sent the boats back to Germany?

It wasn't the Confederacy.

--And which nation has been invaders and occupiers in foreign lands for 115 years, from Cuba, Philippines, Mexico, Nicaragua, etc back in the 1900-1930s to presently in Iraq and Afghanistan?
~ 1914 capture and occupation of Vera Cruz, Mexico

Half the world does not hate and despise the Confederate flag vocally while the other half do so silently..   They feel that way about a different flag with the color scheme of red, white & blue..

Seems the Stars n' Stripes represents hatred and bigotry of just about everyone..  Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Jews, gays, Muslims..   did we leave anyone out?
~ 19th cent. post Civil War poster by the Anti-Chinese league

Of course no black person or white-guilter has the GUTS to dare try to get the US Flag banned, so they pick on the easy target; the one most Americans are ignorant about.

Its hard to combat 2,160 days of K-12 educational indoctrination folks