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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Zero Tolerance for Tolerance

What is the biggest problem the world faces on both a micro and macro level; as both dealing with other individuals, groups and our own nation?

Tolerance which has a social, political and economic agenda

On a micro level we tolerate some of the sickest and most depraved behaviors and choices that people can make under the delusion this is 'forward thinking' or the ostrich head in sand reaction of 'Doesn't bother me unless its directly on my proverbial front doorstep' i.e. family.

And the corporate media co-ordinates itself to celebrate and push 'wrong' as 'right' and political right as 'bad' and anyone of faith as antiquated morons.
We've said this before and say it again..  How the Fuck can magazines and newspapers and TV refer to Bruce Jenner as a 'she' when the sad, sick man still has a fully functioning PENIS that can both release urine and ejaculate sperm???

It is all social engineering; pushing forth an agenda and way of looking at each other and life which is often wrong but if they simply indoctrinate the young, they will succeed.

Tolerance on a grander macro scale is this acceptance if not outright celebration of people who are extremely wealthy as if it is deserved.

No professional athlete or actor or other entertainer is worth or deserving of the excessive salaries they make in comparison with what everyday people earn..
Same goes with CEOs of corporations, but whereas the natural reaction to seeing a billionaire should be to fling a couple handfuls of horse dung at their heads, instead the people celebrate and put these bad people on pedestals

The super wealthy and powerful are tolerated because of a combination of once again the corporate media pushing propaganda that these greedy non-souls are necessary to the vitality of the nation, and delusional parents who honestly believe their precious lil tots will one day be a Warren Buffett

As if that is something a moral person strives for..

Everything is about tolerance..   Accepting differences and treating people as equal that really are inferior..  As stated before, its all an agenda.
We tolerate Muslim women, especially blacks wearing scarfs on their head as they pretend to be faithful when honestly the desire is to pull it off, stomp on it and give her a big ole' 'Wake the hell up! smack to the face..

We tolerate being lied to every second of the day as everything from news to entertainment has a political or social agenda, and the lie that if you want Real change, the Only outlet is the ballot box every 4 years

We tolerate terrible political leaders, a corrupt political and economic system, the power of the banking.    We tolerate incremental wages and having to borrow and re-pay with interest to get anything nice in this world without waiting years to save
We tolerate having to shop and eat next to and work beside people of different groups we absolutely abhor and under no circumstance would we Ever invite over to our homes to socialize with, but what can we do..  Everyone's 'equal'

Tolerance is a mosquito on the arm that we do not swat, but instead allow it to draw blood

Tolerance is sitting in a hot car and not turning on the A/C because one is not going to let that stifling heat outwardly get to them.. until he/she passes out.
Maybe a few vent or scream or write blogs..

And who knows, maybe a few have the courage to take some sort of action for personal empowerment sake...

They are the rarity; the exception to the rule.

Think about where this nation was in 1955..  You don't even have to be alive then.  Certainly we weren't
But just think about pop culture, the styles of the day, how people talked and interacted and socialized with each other; how people knew their boundaries and for the most part were content.

How did things devolve to such an extreme over a mere 60 years?

We'd like to blame the worthless pot-smoking hippies and ultimately how they reared their children but that would be too simple and non-accurate an assessment.

How did we go from a society that was aghast in offended horror at the sight of Elvis shaking his hips on TV to a society that took a black-breeding piece of trash whore in Kim Kardashian whose initial claim to fame was making a porno, and now She is the epitome by many of class and glamour and sexiness??
How did we go from a nation that pretty much was respected and admired the world over as the country that defeated Nazism and freed tens of millions of Europeans from fascist bondage to a place today that everyone secretly hates and almost every Muslim would like to destroy?

How did we go from a society that zealously guarded its racial, ethnic and/or religious blood lines which were part of one's ancestry for tens of thousands of years, and suddenly be so content to corrupt them while every TV show, magazine cover and advertisement promotes the bi-racial?

Does not anyone value or respect their racial, ethnic or religious uniqueness and want to only mate with others of the same so all the values and traditions and genetic code can continue being passed down??!!
Maybe you feel empassioned by what we write and feel 'Thank God someone is expressing what I am thinking'..

Or Maybe you feel everything written here is complete crap..

Honestly, we don't care.. That's not the point.

If we can make one reader 'Mad As Hell, and not going to take it anymore!' to quote the famous line from the 1976 film Network then this post was worth the time and trouble..
Stop Tolerating.. Stop being so Accepting .. so Quiet & Docile about it all..

The ones forever altering the social and moral fabric are not

Scream!   Yell!   Fight!

Find a dead do-do of a family member or friend or co-worker and shake them out of their lethargy..
Truth is most thoughts and feelings and opinions are really not your own.

They were subtly formed by the public education system's indoctrination and currently everything you are exposed to in pop culture and media.

And you were told to be Tolerant and passive and that you were too small and inconsequential to do much of anything to change things; that your only outlet was voting.
A journey starts with a first step and a Movement begins with one person.

Smack that mosquito on your arm and turn up the car A/C...

Stop Tolerating and Start living a life true to your moral compass.