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Thursday, July 23, 2015

An Argument Against Civility in a President

~ The great Ty Cobb sliding into home, 1920

"Civility is looking at another and thinking 'I Hate You' then shaking their hand.. Politicians do this.. A Child will openly say 'I Hate You' and everyone knows where things stand..  Given the choice, I much prefer the Child way because my conscience like my right hand remains clean" -- Anonymous

Every Presidential election cycle, there is this belief among some that everything should be civil..

You campaign civilly.. You don't attack your opponent in any way.. You just present your points of view, the other side presents theirs and the people choose who bests represents them
And of course this belief is Wrong but nonetheless there are always pipsqueak candidates at the bottom of the pack who complain when the poll leader is too negative..

Then they become negative themselves.

And of course Plenty of dum-dum people.. you know the kind - they can block out everything from today until Election day 2016 and still Honestly not have a clue who they support

Plenty of dum-dum people who feel the Donald Trumps of the political arena hurt the process and make us an embarrassment to others around the world...
Of course how can one expect people who skillfully tune out American politics to know that the game is played far far dirtier and more sinister in elections around the world.

Personally I hate gentleman (and gentle lady) politicians

I don't want someone with honor and conscience who will screw their own constituency rather than have to make a decision where as the phrase goes, 'he/she couldn't look themselves in the mirror'
Generally speaking when it comes to competent attorneys there are two types:

There is the person who represents you to the best of their ability and then goes no further because its more important they protect their reputation and that the judge and opposing counsel think well of them (since after all representing you is merely one case of many)

Then there is the person who not only represents you to best of ability but takes a passionate, zealous interest in your case to the point the judge and opposing counsel hate him/her and all civility thrown out the window as counsel fights to the hilt for you..

Personally if I am in a jam, especially if its criminal, I want attorney #2

And I want That type of personality to be my President.
If a candidate is so afraid of offending another, or how the media will respond or taking difficult questions, how can he or she have the courage and fortitude to deal with our enemies in a way where we personify Strength and don't make appeasement deals like President Oreo did with Iran?

I want a President who is a total bastard; a Yeller.. A Screamer..

In real every day life, when confronted with a person like that, others back down.  It is something I have experienced myself both directly and observationally..

Life is not TV and movies and most people can not handle non-civil verbal confrontation.   Most people are not instinctively equipt to match verbal assault, parry to parry as fencing terms go..
Of course no one wants to be yelled at or berated loudly but when it happens, some have a nature to confront the bully but really most do not, so they look to others to do it for them.

This is the same for world leaders and global politics.

Teddy Roosevelt was famous for his early 20th century motto of 'Speak softly and carry a big stick" and maybe that worked in the world of 1904 but in 2015 the motto is "Speak tough and swing that stick rougher"

A country like Iran needs figuratively if not literally to be punched square on its nose and if not militarily than at least verbally.
When it goes on and on with drivel about 'Death to Israel' and 'Death to America' there needs to be a world leader with the backing of his or her people that basically says "Iran- Go Fuck yourself!..  Shit or Get off the pot, you coward!.. Just make the first move so we and they have the excuse to turn you into Iraqi rubble!!"

Of course no leader would use exact words like that but its the greater point I'm making..

Instead of dealing tough with our enemies, we make deals and concessions; we financially reward evil..   We did it with Iran by Obama agreeing to loosen sanctions and W Bush did it as President when he made concessions to N. Korea to try to get them to the bargaining table.
Back in September 1978, the only reason then President Carter was able to achieve the Camp David Accords was he bribed Egypt to the tune of $3 billion annually in US foreign aid to be paid forever (People love to complain we give Israel $$ but conveniently forget Egypt and the two-dozen other Middle East and African nations we give $$ to)

So that's US policy..  Buy peace.

I prefer a President who says essentially 'Conform and Comply or feel my boot on your neck'

Been forever since we had a President like that..
You honestly have to go as far back as Andrew Jackson to find a President so openly assertive and so successful in achieving his aims.  The historical examples are far too numerous to fit in here..

Nothing stirs the passions in oneself more than passion observed in others

Put politics and beliefs aside, would you want President Obama or someone with a personality like him head coaching your favorite college football team?   Can you imagine how calm and dispirited the pre-game locker room speech would be?

"Uh.. Today uh.. Is an important game.  And uh.. I know.. You will do your best.. uh.. so you know uh.. Play fair.. Play strong.. uh.. and let's win.."
Legal knowledge aside, if you were on trial for your life, would you want Obama representing you; a man who outwardly is about as passionate and intense as Mr Rogers?  Would that temperament be what you sought to sway a jury to not send you to the electric chair?

I'm personally tired of bland; worn out by 'academic' and dignified..

I'm ready for someone to be my President who is a bit of a jerk; a maverick.. a tough talker and equally firm backer-upper who will Fight!

 And I sincerely think others feel the same..

Or am I just totally wrong?