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Friday, July 24, 2015

Can't Have Gay Marriage without Gay Divorce

Let me state right from the onset that I am Firmly and Unequivocally against Marriage..

Gay Marriage.. Straight Marriage.. Does not matter..

The only kind of marriage that makes any sense logically to me is the kind when a senile octogenarian marries his lovely 21 yr old 'nurse' and by "making sense" I mean from the perspective of the young woman.

Marriage is completely un-necessary.. If you genuinely love someone and they sincerely love you back, there's no one or nothing to stop two people from being a couple forever but calling it a partnership or some other term.
And if there's legal issues to be concerned about, simply draw contracts stating contingencies, division of assets in a sale, etc..

The big difference is you have a far better chance of enforcing a contract where one party has more wealth than the other then you Ever will in a marriage.   And pre-ups are thinner and hold less legal weight than the paper they're written on

Anyways, file the following example in the news today under 'careful what you wish (or fight) for'..
From USA Today:

"(WNBA player) Brittney Griner shockingly filed to annul her marriage with (fellow WNBA player) Glory Johnson just 28 days after the same-sex couple wed and one day after Johnson announced she was pregnant by using donated sperm. 

At the time, Griner cited "fraudulent statements" made by Johnson and pressure into marriage "under duress" in the original June 5 paperwork...  Griner and her representation filed a July 13 motion to amend the initial petition for annulment, revealing key details into Griner's decision to end the marriage.

(Court) documents reveal that Johnson was texting an ex-boyfriend while the two were engaged. The amended documents also detail Griner "recently discovering" Johnson's "sexual relationship with a man" while the couple was dating..."
Here's the real Bitch of it all..

"A motion filed on June 29 details Johnson's request that Griner pay $20,000 per month in spousal support in addition to a $10,000 advancement toward attorney fees..."

Both women were suspended seven games by the WNBA following their arrests that stemmed from a fight in their Arizona home on April 22..."

I feel sorry for Griner..  Love can make people do stupid things
Basically in life there's two kind of 'reality'..  The reality of abstract theory and the reality of Real Life

Abstract theory are things like 'freedom' and 'equality' and 'civil rights' and all those terms that seem and sound so good, and which were the basis for many to successfully fight for the right for gay marriages to be legalized and acknowledged as valid.

Then there is Real Life such as the fact that many people, both straight and gay do not respect the sanctity of marriage or words like 'Better or worse.. Till Death do you part"..

Then there's the Real Life reality of alimony, child support, custody and visitation rights, division of assets, legal fees, etc..etc..
I never understood why gays fought so hard for the right to experience all that economic and emotional horror straight people "enjoy", and I never ever will..

And today's example demonstrates as real as any theoretical pontifications what many gay couples will one day experience and why no one of any sexual stripe should really ever marry..