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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CSA Flag, Blacks & 'Winning the Battle while Losing the War'

Yesterday, July 6th the South Carolina Senate voted to take down the beautiful Stars n Bars from just outside the Capitol Building where it was flying; not hurting a soul..

And ultimately a bunch of South Carolinians in their State House will shame and disgust their ancestors by voting on the side of political correctness and black exceptionalism, and the flag will be taken down.

This is a perfect example of the concept of winning the battle but ultimately losing the war.

So what do we mean?
~ But Gee.. I thought the Klan waved Confederate flags..

Well first lets look at what blacks won..

They took down a flag; a symbol..  A piece of cloth and in the process allowed haters to define what the meaning of the flag was to be vs what it always Is i.e. Southern Heritage

They made others fearful and afraid of blacks.  More specifically the economic and in some cases political repercussions of crossing them

Once again blacks flexed its muscle feeling embolden with a sense of power and control over others they've never experienced to this degree,
~  Huh!  How is the American flag NOT racist?

Not even when they hijacked free speech right from a free society by usurping the word Nigger and becoming masters of the lexicon as to who can say it; to whitey, a taboo word worse than saying 'Fuck' or 'Cunt' while constantly calling each other Nigger in their pop culture and every day social life

At this moment blacks enjoy a greater power over the zeitgeist than any time in their history...

Now let's look honestly at what blacks have lost
~ 1923 Klan march in Washington DC proudly displaying the US Flag

They are more hated and despised as a race of people then at any time since perhaps Reconstruction even if few to none have the guts to openly express it.

People we have known for a very long time have expressed privately in recent months anti black sentiments and opinions that they never Ever possessed prior even amid the LA Riots and the OJ fiasco

We ourselves freely admit in all candor these last 6.5 years of President Oreo have been a form of hell and we've never felt more of a hostility and a desire not to associate or socially interact with blacks more than absolutely necessary than the present moment..
~ Yep that CSA flag is Evil.. Oh wait.. that's the Stars n Stripes!

And we know we're not alone

Few to none want to cause physical harm to anyone as no one wants physical harm done to them, but the hatred toward blacks in America is growing at an alarming rate and often they are the precipitators.

Only about 12 to 13% of the population is black yet over 40% of the male inmate population are dark skinned yet they blame whitey..
~ That's Odd.. all those Klanspeople and not a single CSA flag here..

Over 25% of all black teenagers will drop out of high school, 50% of black males drop out of college before getting a degree and only 3% of all black people possess a Masters degree (less than 1% are doctorates) yet Constantly on TV represented as educated and intelligent (Judges, Doctors,etc), which most blacks are neither

Oh yes, whitey is to blame for this as well..

So blacks have provoked a greater and deeper yet quieter Hatred toward them then at any time in quite a while..
What else?

We certainly don't want to see an increase in violence but all these actions by blacks do is provoke the potential of more violent reprisals by whites who are 'mad as hell and can't take it anymore' or have mental problems and can not fight this black social power grab in more civilized ways...'

By the way, what is the statistics on white on black crime?
~ Black mindless animal thugs beating, kicking & stomping on white kids

Based on 2008 crime statistics, out of 520,600+ interracial violent incidents, 90,717 of them were white on black; that's 20%...

The other 80% of all evil violence perpetrated by one race toward another were black scum hurting white people over 429,400 documented cases in '08

Of course 90% of black murder victims are killed by a black perpetrator
These are the people to decide what our symbol etymology is to be and what language we are all to use (and be prevented) in our daily life and contemporary pop culture.

And in the process the blacks failed and will forever fail in banning the Confederate flag from being possessed and displayed by private citizens

And because the beautiful Stars n Bars is a non-trademarked depiction, meaning you do not have to pay anyone for the rights to use it on shirts, shorts or playing cards, expect enterprising business people to always sell Something with the battle flag displayed..
~ There's Old Glory again with those hooded dummies

And thanks to blacks getting so uppity, more people than in a generation or two have been clamoring to buy anything they can get their hands on with the Confederate flag on it..

So really the blacks who political-pressure forced the removal of the CSA flag in South Carolina and got all those corporations to temporary ban the flag from being sold, won Absolutely Nothing tangible

No matter how much they try, blacks can not whitewash or revise history..
~ Who's flag is used to try to spear that black man in the abdomen?

They were slaves for about 150 or so years, the Confederacy did exist and it was whites who liberated them, not of their own doing..

And for 150 years since the Civil War's end, every other race, ethnicity and culture that has been a part of the American fabric has surpassed them, even the Native American who suffers from high dropout and alcoholism rates...

If there was a 'race' among races to see who could establish themselves as a true success in the fields that actually Matter i.e. medicine, law, science, trades (carpenter, electrician,etc) entrepreneurship, etc,  everyone but blacks would have crossed the finish line by now
~ Who's nation's Army is emblazoned on that white racist's sweatshirt?

It's just not in most cultures' DNA to have their children spend endless hours each day into night playing basketball instead of studying

Black people are genuinely stupid and Whites who gullibly believe them when it comes to the Confederate flag are even Stupider!
~ A black confederate soldier

So congrats black people on winning the battle..

You took down a perceived symbol that won't change a thing when it comes to the poverty, criminality, lack of education and opportunity and the overall ignorance of your people

Just understand you've lost the culture war for True individual acceptance and social assimilation.