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Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Its Friday and the day before Independence Day so we will keep it light, pithy and full of foamy froth

The one thing best learned from both history and the present is that 'Freedom' is never free..

It took a lot of struggle and blood and persistence before we successfully won our freedom over the British crown..   Nothing was just given..

And every group who has claimed stake in this country has had to fight for their figurative piece of the pie
Every race, nationality and religion have had a rough go of things at times and dealt with their fair share of rottenness

And with maybe a couple exceptions, they All have succeeded and prospered over the generations showing themselves to be good, hardworking and law-abiding people who do not financially abuse the nation they love.

And some today experience the Freedom fight when seeking to protect history's integrity and to not allow symbols to defined solely by bad people with evil intentions as the CSA flag has been tainted in recent times
Always a fight somewhere to stop censorship and controls on freedom of speech especially by employers who are the true Big Brother of the 21st century

Fascists are never afraid to approach wearing the cloak of Democracy

So we remember not just the 4th of July but the 5.5 years of exhausting war after the celebration until when General Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown in October, 1781.
And in spite of its many imperfections and some of its citizens who act as inside-saboteurs trying to bring down the nation from within through these secular and at times Atheist-based culture war fights while the economy is in shambles and real problems are swept aside..

Well what can we say..

A&G still loves America- very much! We won't give up on it..

See everyone on Monday..