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Friday, July 31, 2015

How Big Media Controls Debate, Content & Information Flow

When it comes to topics like economics/finance and politics and how the media provides information to the general public, there are mainly two problems which arise..

1)  They control the discourse (the topic/debate points)
2)  They control the flow of information (what you are to know)

This actually goes on with All topics in the public discourse including pop culture (notice no one mainstream calls Bruce Jenner the proper name 'Bruce' anymore even though he still possesses a penis -- its like an unwritten rule They are arbiters of word choice)..

And yes even something as unimportant on the surface as sports.
Example: This year, a woman refereeing an NFL game and another being an assistant coach (Arizona Cardinals) -- 'Good'..  There's no room in any mainstream publication for any debate on that

And yes, everything in life is debatable.

For instance one such debate I love to have among friends is what if the "great" Rosa Parks refused to get up from her seat and go to the back of the bus when a handicapped person needed that seat and the easy access it provided...

Would she still be a 'great' woman or just a stubborn selfish black bitch?

Everything is perspective.
But back to the larger point -- the greater media, whether it be sports, entertainment, politics or finance/economy control the parameters of discussion, decide what is 'correct' before the debate can even take place and make sure we the people know what they want us to know.. little to nothing more

To illustrate this point, I will use a local sports story which occurred over the last 24-48 hours in Philadelphia, the area A&G originates from..

The Phillies, the city's local baseball team traded its best player, pitcher Cole Hamels to the Texas Rangers for some prospects and basically volunteered to pay half the remainder of Cole's $85 million to get the deal done.
The specific particulars as to why the trade occurred and what each team needed or got out of the deal are not important to this discussion.

What is important to make my point, is how the local Philly media covered it.

A sure thing, a consistent winning baseball pitcher who was the biggest reason they won the World Series in 2008 was given to another team in exchange for a potluck bag full of question marks with no guarantees, and everyone was told by the media to be very happy with it.

The newspaper sports columnists and the sports talk radio dopes then combined to shape the discourse..
They focused on the team's terrible record, the Phillies being in rebuilding mode needed prospects and that it was wasted money to give that much to one player right now..

All seem fair and reasonable on the surface - except for two things:

1)  There is no written rule anywhere in baseball or any law book that says the Only way to rebuild is this method

2)  The Phillies are not cash-strapped - they can afford to buy talent like most other teams.
Its extremely difficult to argue with print media because they write their biased nonsense, then just disappear till the next day and the only outlet to respond are comment 'pens' (think ostrich pens) where the only people who read it are other venters

With sports talk radio you have a semblance of a chance to get your point across but it better be under 30 seconds and God help you if you make rational, articulate points without letting the fat loudmouths cut in..

Then you're dumped as in hung up..   The pompous, insecure sports talk personalities here and everywhere make damn sure everyone knows its their show, not yours.

They get 20hrs a week to tell you their shit smells better and you get half a minute after holding on the line for an hour to tell them it doesn't..
There is no such thing as media equity.

If you have deep convictions and strong opinions on something, do not expect any media to open itself to provide any real accessibility to provide counter-points.

You have to do what I did five full years ago..

Create and become your own media i.e. 'Ants & Grasshoppers'..  Then you have that precious outlet to get your views out to fight the good fight and build a loyal sizable following like here...
Now back to the example I provided..

Do you ever notice to sports media outlet never takes the time to tell the people how these sports franchises make their money...  I mean really in depth.

Let's take the Phillies..

Starting in 2016 and for 24 additional years after that, Comcast will give the Phillies a check for $100,000,000 to televise its baseball games

$100m and then another $100m in 2017 and then another $100m in 2018...
Then the ballclub like all the others enjoy the socialistic-communist experience known as revenue sharing.  This is where National and cable TV rights, merchandising, etc are put into a pot and everyone gets an equal share even if all teams did not generate this money equitably

So if not a single soul attended a Phillies game in 2016, they would still have around $175 million in revenue to run its operations

And the worthless shit media of Philly never ever talk about it with any specifics.

They also never Ever tell the fans that teams have insurance policies on their best athletes..
It works like this:  I own a sports team and my star pitcher who i am paying $20m is out for the season.. Well prior when I worked out the contract, I contacted an insurance company that in the case of losing a player for X percent of the season, I would get reimbursed back Y percent

So the public thinks I lost $20mil but really I recouped $16mil or so back and I get the credit of being an owner who spends to try to win..

The sports media, especially in the Northeast US (Philly, NY, Boston) are just God-awful!
They will gripe and moan about this and that, nitpick on nothing of meaning and do it non-stop yet notice no mainstream media outlet anywhere in the country ever advises fans of a terrible team to just stay home!

'Don't spend your $$ on Tix!..'Boycott until the team gets better..'

None of that..  You never see or hear it Ever..      Why?

Because all sports media are pretty much shills for the sports franchises.
Oh sure, they will nitpick whether Coach Lard-Ass should have punted or gone for it on 4th down, etc.. but the media companies are heavily dependent on those teams for revenue in the form of audio and print advertising..

In addition, 99.99% of sports media like all media are gutless cowards who do not want to lose their access to players and coaches (or their jobs) for asking a Real question to put someone on the spot.

Instead they ask generic questions (How did it feel to catch the winning TD?), they get cliched responses (It felt great!) and everyone's happy.

So the sports media by controlling the debate, who has access to make arguments vs who gets comment penned or hung up on and what information you are allowed to have access to, are the gate-keepers.
And you better damn well believe this happens in politics, economics/finance and news on social-liberal causes the media embraces.

This is why no one in mainstream media has ever uttered the need to end the Fed, that stock markets rising are ultimately Bad for the overall economy and that there political options out there to consider beyond 'R' and 'D'

Honestly, years ago I just got sick and tired of the figurative yelling into my pillow every time I read an article minimizing the Recession-Depression we're still in and trumpeting a 'recovery' that is not actually occurring...

So if you can't beat the media, create and become it..
Don't feel powerless and helpless...

It sincerely is what the System wants -- People devoid of passion and spirit to detach, shrug and focus only on the specifics of their day to day (go to work, please the spouse, raise the kids) until they; we all die and the System keep moving along

Whatever your ideologies or outlooks on the world, if you feel you are not represented, find some outlet to get into the game; enter the fight

From one mere spark can come a most massive blaze..