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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Media Shift - From Facts to Opining to Demands

It used to be the media, particularly newspapers presented facts

Then over time, the emphasis shifted to opinion...

Lately the shift has manifested itself into demands.

Demands as in the utterly inconsequential Des Moines Register 'demanding' that Donald Trump who currently leads the pack among the Republican Presidential hopefuls pull out of the race

Good luck with that one..
And yet the rest of the Wretched media treated that demand as news worthy and reported it!

We know the summer is the slow news cycle but Jeez!!!

But its not just in politics..  We read the other day some nobody nothing writer for the NY Post 'demanding' that comedy actor Adam Sandler retire from making movies even though his films have grossed over $2 Billion dollars over the last 20 years and he has a loyal following of people who enjoy his films.

Some stupid bitch writer decided she doesn't like someone's movies so she uses her platform at the NY Post to vent and act like she has power to dictate terms to another.
We've even seen this attitude displayed in the local sports pages as a 105lb pipsqueak columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer decided to take it upon himself to write an article 'demanding' it was time for former All-Star Chase Utley to retire.

The big irony in all this is more than ever, newspapers have become irrelevant and are dying a slow, prolonged death compared to Internet and blog sites

In spite of this, the writers-on-the-cheap that newspapers employ seem to feel they have some kind of mythical power or influence over others' decisions.
But in a quirky way, we at A&G feel inspired

So for fun, today we're going to pretend to dictate terms, though unlike the newspapers, we are not naive to believe anyone will listen or it will impact anything

So take all we express with the grain of media ridicule 'salt' to which our dictates and 'demands' below are intended
President Obama -- A&G demands you resign your position as President since you've done a poor job as leader and frankly if not for being black, rotten old Hillary would have won the Democrat nomination handily back in 2008.

We know you have 18 months left but 6.5yrs of playing the race card is really all we can stomach.

Hillary Clinton -- A&G demands you leave the race for the 2016 Presidency since you are extremely old, power hungry, a disingenuous liar and if not for your last name & the very positive feelings people feel for your husband, you wouldn't win a local election for dog catcher.

Everything about you is scum & muck and there are many other Democrats of quality and substance who would do a better job as President than you!
Martin O' Malley -- A&G demands the Dem Presidential candidate apologize for apologizing to worthless blacks in the audience during a speech he made where he said ALL lives matter instead of simply black lives.

Does he not know he is white and thus by not including white lives as having value, he's really saying his life is worth Less than a black!

Entire News & Pop Culture Media -- A&G demands that every media outlet nationally as well as globally stop referring to a mentally sick man who still possesses his Penis as a 'woman'!!  There is No 'Caitlyn' Jenner..  Only a man with breast implants,  hair extensions and a fully functioning cock called Bruce.

ESPN in particular should apologize for giving the freak a 'Courage' award last week during their ESPY's when there were others who deserved the recognition more
John McCain -- A&G demand you apologize to Donald Trump and his supporters for disrespecting them.  Then you can apologize to your wife Cindy as well as your first wife for the Deplorable way you've treated both.

Lastly we demand you resign as US Senator and commit yourself to a sanitarium as obviously your POW years have messed with your mind for decades.

Republicans --  A&G demands that no candidate who is only going to cater to the filthy rich 1% and be a whore to Wall Street be allowed to run for President.  And if that means you can't find a single candidate to run, then so be it.

Its 2015.. Wake up to the reality that the middle and lower/poorer classes matter!  Make economic policies to help ALL Americans or find yourself kissing President Hillary's testicles for the next eight years
Nikki Haley -- A&G demand that your disgraceful carcass resign as Governor of South Carolina.   Your about-face concerning the Confederate Flag which only six months prior you expressed you had no problem with it flying, shows you to be a Politician in all its worst meanings.

You are a coward, a black appeaser and an Embarrassment...

MMM, that felt good!
We can see why individuals who otherwise don't matter if not for the newspaper or media outlet they work, would use that outlet for to tell others what to do then cluelessly think they'd be listened to

Probably a better chance demanding that Mother Nature make it rain