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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Post: Hulk Hogan & Society that Embraces Censorship

I rarely if ever write on Sundays anymore but sometimes it is necessary..

Kept thinking on Hulk Hogan and how quickly his public downfall has become and the irony was it had little to nothing to do with a naughty tape where he's having sex with another man's wife who is filming as part of a future extortion attempt..

Nope..  it wasn't that..

Call it the power of the word Nigger.
Eight years ago Hulk said that naughty tsk-tsk word in private communication with another and now the WWE, the wrestling business that at one point honored him with Hall of Fame admittance, completely deleted him from their website..

All traces of his career.. poof~  gone.. erased..

Bad for business.
See kids, in this world, it is OK for someone in the public eye to be an alcoholic, a drug addict, a philanderer, commit a felony of some sort, and even be anti-Semitic and your career really doesn't suffer that much..

Look at Mel Gibson or Gary Oldman.. they still work in their craft in spite of their hate comments

Say 'Fucking Jews' or 'Jews run Hollywood' and you get to be in a mainstream film like 'Expendables 3' and the Batman Trilogy

Just can't say Nigger.
Oh, blacks can say Nigger..

Can say Nigger Nigger Nigger all the day long..

The following is 100% absolute true:   A couple days ago I was walking toward the entrance to Wal Mart and a young classless black idiot was on his cellphone talking to someone and in a span of 15-20 seconds, he said 'Nigger' a total of SIX times!
"So this Nigger.. Right, this Nigger.. So this Nigger..  Ya, him.. So this Nigger went and told my friend..  Right. and this Nigger, i'm like.. Nigger.."

Exact quote.

Not a single person gave this guy a double-take.

It really is fascinating that Nigger has become the first word, term or concept in American History that supposedly is universally sought to be Censored!
Newspapers and magazines say the 'N' word and will not allow people to use the word in their comment sections..

Of course there's ways around it - 'Nig', 'Niger', 'Nagger'.. And somehow words like spear chucker and jigaboo are not censored..  Guess they are OK to say??

Funny how people want to stomp out words and not take the time or effort to understand why the 'few' would choose to even utter it?
No one..  NO ONE has the right to control what another person says or to dictate to others what their word choice is or is not to be!  That is Orwellian 1984 'Thought Crime'

We don't tolerate burning books or McCarthyism;  We don't even ban the most sadistic or bestial pornography as its readily available on 10,000 websites and Pay Per View at your neighborhood hotel..

Just gotta Destroy/Decimate any Caucasian's life who says Nigger

Gotta tear that person down..  Rip em' to Shreads! Destroy their business or career!  Take away their livelihood and ability to pay their bills,..  Stomp out their reputation and a lifetime of good endeavors..
'Did he/she molest or sodomize children?'   Nope

'Did he/she rape or murder someone?'    Nah..

'He/she referred to that 'exceptional' class.. those 'superior' people who put the place they came from Before the place they were born.. the Afr. Amers as 'Niggers'

Ahh.. Yes..  Let's media lynch them!  Get whitey!!

As you can tell from this blog post, no one controls what I say or type or express.. Ever!

Not a single word...  Not as long as I am an American
The word itself means little to nothing to me.. It is not a word I grew up hearing..  Certainly not something my family ever uttered even at their angriest.. And in my daily life I really rarely if ever use it unless it is to make the dramatic point I won't be censored

Truthfully, I learned the word listening to Rap music and watching comedians like Eddie Murphy do their stand up and films like '48 Hours'

Eddie Murphy on TV:  "I'm a Nigger with a Badge!"    --  Me as impressionable youth:  'Whoa!'

'Mom.. Dad.. what does that word mean?'   (Silence)
Freedom of word choice means more to me than others' feelings

Remember earlier this year, that terrible movie 'The Interview' with James Franco; the one everyone was told to believe the North Korean government sabotaged?

So what happened when Americans were told theaters were pulling the film and the public was not going to be allowed to see the film?   It made people Determined to see it to make the point no one censors or controls what they see, hear or say...

Then everyone concedes and the blacks grin as they utter Nigger, Nigger, Nigger till the sun sets and the cows come home..
I hope eventually a famous person says it and takes a stance like A&G does...

That person being strong, resolute, unapologetic and defiant that no group of people under Any circumstance is to have exclusive control of any word in the daily lexicon

Not in a society that claims to be free and against censorship..

Until then, people will continue keeping quiet so not to have the wrath directed at them.

They will quietly think 'Nigger' and their dislike and intolerance of blacks will grow, causing a wider racial tolerance gulf that no future token election victory of a shitty Oreo cookie will fix.