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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Epidemic of Cowardly Corporations

Corporations have always been money hungry and pretty much Evil to the core in every way a business can conduct itself..

But I've never in my life seen corporations so utterly Cowardly and Fearful of offending Anyone!!

Lately Wal-Mart will not put the beautiful Confederate flag on a birthday cake but have no problems making a Muslim themed cake, the religion of Every person responsible for 9/11 attacks.

This went along with Amazon and eBay banning the sale of the historic flag, which humorously they rescinded only a couple days later
And now every corporation with ties to Donald Trump are cutting from him because of Accurate comments he made about Mexican illegals who cross the borders; that its not educated and best of the best seeking entrance but the poorest of poor along with a criminal element who commit violent crimes and involved in drug cartels..

But in this country one can not speak truthfully if it offends a single soul who may possess a credit or debit card or possesses a Facebook account..

So Univision the Spanish TV network cuts ties with Trump's Miss USA pageant as a spite move of protest..

Trump, not being a cowardly weakling like pretty much all politicians refused to apologize and then recently sued Univision for $500 million. (Hope he wins)

Then NBC which stands for 'Nothing but Crap!' cut ties with the Apprentice which was more a public stunt more than a sincere display of showing solidarity with Hispanics

But really the show's ratings weren't the best recently to begin with and how can Candidate Trump ever have time to film a bunch of 4th tier celeb nobodies competing to see who can hit on as many wealthy friends for as much money as possible each week..
But what really galled me was today Macy's deciding to cut ties with Trump's clothing line..

These G-D corporations do not get it!

This move does not hurt Trump one iota.  He does not own a clothing business.. He does not make shirts and ties and cufflinks..

Trump gets a fee to use his name and likeness from smaller no-name apparel companies full of everyday employees making everyday wages to design, sew, distribute, etc the products!
Macy's didn't fuck over Trump...  They fucked over hundreds of people trying to make a living and surviving as the rest of us are..  So if his clothing line can't ever be sold anywhere, who Really loses?

And Stupid Americans do not get it!

Every time some corporation or university or what have you takes a 'stand', its not the corporation or its target that is ever adversely affected..

Its all the people behind the scenes who make the products/services or in the case of Universities who get tuition assistance or money to improve academic departments when someone gives an endowment
Bill Cosby has throughout his life been an Extremely generous man when it comes to charity, especially giving money to colleges to promote education..

When all those Lying, agenda-driven rotten white women came out of the wood-work like cock-roaches or rats to frame a good man who was never found guilty ever in a court of law, everyone got scared..

NBC cancelled a TV show they were in development with Cosby to premiere this upcoming autumn, and even Netflix wouldn't air a comedy special he was scheduled to record for them!

And the Universities.. even his alma mater Temple who reaped tens of millions of dollars over the years from the kindness of the Coz snubbed their elitist noses and gave Cosby back his money and then cut ties and kicked him off whatever Boards of Trustees he belonged to..
All because of politically correct Cowardice

Corporations are scared to offend anyone..

Well unless you hold Judeo-Christian beliefs, are rural (rednecks, Amish..), male, white and/or hold conservative values..   Then pretty much you and your complaints can go to hell..

I explained a while back how TV commercials work; the 'rules' of ads:
The woman 100% knows more than the man, espec if a married couple

The kids 100% know more than the parents

The elderly 100% know more than their adult children

Blacks are smarter than whites as are Hispanics and Asians and East Asians and pretty much any group that have representatives that live and breathe..

Even talking animals are smarter than white men

And the Black woman is 100% smarter than the Black male espec. if married..
It used to be Civil Rights and the move toward equality and mutual understanding & tolerance was a government directive.   And whether you agreed or not, one could at least say the intentions were good.

Now corporate America is pushing the new wave and its all about social engineering and bottom line profit.

So if mixed raced couples must be depicted as 'cool' and bi-racial children must be promoted non-stop as 'beautiful' instead of mulatto then so be it..

And if you have to have one of every race and ethnicity appear in an ad for a fraction of a second in the far background to be 'representative' and get people of that group to buy your shit, then so be it..
No morals.. No scruples.. No courage

Just lots of fake discounts, Savings Passes and 'Buy 1, Get 1 50% off' fake sales