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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Mean Ole' Flag's Coming Down (or 'A Fa La La La)

Yesterday the South Carolina legislature passed a law to take down the Confederate flag which their cowardly two-faced Governor will sign and along the way pretty much every white who voted for this act shamed and disgusted their ancestors who are spinning in their southern graves

But let's look on the bright side..

Racism is now officially over!

Yes it is done.. Kaput!..  No more racism or hate or intolerance ever again
~ Just imagine if the loon displayed a Canadian Flag, Ehh?  

The new motto is now to be 'Everyone Love Everyone'

Fa La La La

~ Deep Breath ~   Oh yes.. The air smells and tastes so much sweeter now that mean ol' flag has been taken down..

Perhaps now it will be safe for blacks to leave their doors unlocked at night since racism has been eradicated in a pen stroke and they don't have to worry about whites prowling about, breaking in and stealing or violently hurting them
~ Hey, the killer is wearing a Gold's Gym shirt.. That must mean they supported him.. Let's burn their business!

Then again, since pretty much ALL violence against blacks is done BY blacks, best to keep those doors locked..

But yes.. it is the dawn of a new day!

Fa La La La

Now every black child will get a good education and have the intellectual capacity to remember the same information their white peers are taught
~ So what bothers you more.. the Stars n Bars waving proudly in the sky or a 'cool-cat' Negro walking over the US flag?

Black parents will now be fully actively involved in their children's lives and demand they study rather than allow their kids to do what they wish as long as it is outside..

And thanks to that mean ole' flag coming down, you will see more blacks graduate HS, then college and pursuing Masters & Doctorate degrees, meaning blacks have no more impediments to becoming successful educated professionals rather than NBA wannabes and fast food workers

So many blacks now will be able to apply to college and get jobs on their own merit, there won't be any more need for Affirmative Action or other government handouts and leg-ups set aside for the benefit of blacks only..
~ Are these people 'blacks' or that naughty 'N' word?

Black alcoholism and drug addiction will soon now be a thing of the past..  The CSA flag kept them down and prevented them from having a chance to succeed and now that the mean ole' flag is gone, its Opportunity City!

And blacks will be able to sit anywhere they wish on the bus and restaurant and finally get to use the same bathroom facilities as the whites!

Oh that's right..  They earned those rights 51 years ago through the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and funny how that mean ole' Confederate flag kept on flying afterward and yet those people were not impeded one bit.
And there will never again be any impediments to a black becoming super-wealthy, super-powerful or achieving elected office to the highest position in the land since the Flag's existence has held back so many..

Oh wait.. We forgot about Michael Jordan, Oprah and Obama

But Fuck history right?

It's just names and dates and a bunch of old white guys who did this and that
~ Two black-power baby producing welfare Moms taking a 'stand'

George Washington?  Eh, Fuck him.. he owned slaves

Thomas Jefferson?  Eh, Fuck him.. he had sex with one

John Adams?  He didn't own slaves so he's cool even though as President he pushed for the Alien & Sedition Acts which would make it a Federal crime to ever say or write anything negative about the President
~ Boy, that's one unpatriotic boy

But we digress on such a happy occasion..

A mean ole' Flag is coming down and Racism and Hate will very soon be forever gone as will the Civil War and any trace of slavery (unless blacks wish to drudge it up for some political motive)..

Fa La La La..