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Monday, August 10, 2015

A Tale of Two Media-Unpopular Candidates

Once upon a time, there lived two candidates who sought to become President and decided to run under different political party banners..

One who sees himself as a very serious, viable candidate even though the media looks upon him with disdain as a jerk, arrogant fool and/or conceited clown..

His name is Trump.
And the other who knows deep down knew he doesn't have a reasonable chance of defeating his opponent Hillary's party machine and who the profit-hungry corporate oligarchy media did not like or respect because he is socialist

His name is Sen. Bernie Sanders

Now last Thursday, Trump was ambushed by a hostile, overly-aggressive Bitch named Megyn Kelly who doing the bidding of her boss, Fox News head Roger Ailes

She asked Trump a 'gotcha' question intended to paint the man in a very bad light while keeping herself and the other moderators looking pretend 'fair and balanced'.
~ Real pic of Kelly trying to be taken seriously; not Photoshopped

Ironically she nor anyone at Fox ever thought to ask Trump his views on women in the many interviews they granted him since his announced candidacy including an appearance on Megyn's 10p show.

And Trump not being a wimp or a coward, flung his figurative fists back at her face and went on the attack, which some loved and others who didn't like the guy in the first place, did not.

And then Trump continued attacking after the debate..and Attacking..

Said Kelly looked like she had blood coming from her eyes and 'other places'..   He said he meant nose but he really meant menstrual..

And some more people were offended and declined invites for him to speak at a meaningless GOP Real Estate gathering...

Others' admiration for Trump grew as they understood all is fair in love, war & politics..  Its a dirty game and if we as a society are truly gender-equal as we all seem to want, then women and men should be able to exchange vicious verbal barbs and leave BS 'chivalry' out the door.

So while this was going on, the other candidate in our story, Sanders was attending one of his political rallies in Seattle this past Saturday.

And as he is speaking, two very uppity black women get on stage and hijack the rally with their bullshit 'Blacklivesmatter' diatribe.
~ Sanders: "Oy, Two Fat Schvatzas.. Please don't hurt me!"

As an aside, on the question of do black lives matter, honestly, No because they don't seem to matter to most blacks so why should they matter more to myself who is not?

They certainly don't matter to blacks who rob, beat, rape and kill each other at alarming rates. To the unwed mothers and terrible parents who let their kids play basketball all day n' night instead of studying..

And frankly any group that keeps calling themselves 'Nigger' while pretending its only a demeaning word of degradation and humiliation when whitey says it, isn't worth a Spit.
~ Zero fight..  Is liberal white-guilt getting in the way of being a man?

And notice those activist Scum never wanted to treat all life as sacred.  All they had to do was add the word 'too' to read 'Blacklivesmattertoo' and pretty much everyone would have galvanized support to their cause..  but Nope..

And when Democrat candidate Martin O'Malley said all lives mattered, the dirty dark dogs booed at his rally and he retracted, followed by old and ugly (on the inside n' out) Hillary stating 'Black lives matter' with all the sincerity of a trial lawyer.
As individuals, blacks are great people.. As a collective? Ehh..

A&G is all about promoting and celebrating the superiority of the Individual vs the collective or group (the One is more important than the few or the many, to put Mr. Spock's distorted logic in the correct pecking order)

And no one group better than another.  No one race or gender or anything else is superior to the other and when someone takes that tone, A&G will swat it down

So back to the story..  The uppity women were mad that liberal whites like Sanders talk a good talk but haven't done enough to give them more power while voluntarily ceding theirs for the greater good, blah.. blah.. etc..
~ A most Sad, Pathetic sight of a decent man (far right)

And Sanders just stood here like a weak, frail, impotent old, old man

And let these black bitches speak!!

No fighting for the microphone.. No seeking of security to pull the mamba-jambas off stage..  Nothing!

The candidate just looked down at his feet like a sad old peddler or fiddler being harassed by Russian Cossacks or za Germans..  Just a sad sight..
Personally, I like some of the guy's ideas and think he's overall a decent man but what he allowed to happen was just embarrassing

And I kept thinking what would Trump do if two wild boars rushed the stage and tried to take over his campaign rally?

I just can't see the man staring passively at his shoes.

On the positive, whether because they admire Sanders or in response to the disrespectful black bitches, 15,000 appeared at a rally later that day, his largest crowd thus far.
~ Sanders in background at his own rally

So the moral of the story is this...

Ideologies aside, let us pretend these two men, Trump and Sanders were the ultimate candidates representing both parties in the general election...

Which of the two could you see defending US interests when dealing with Putin or Mexico or Iran? (assuming of course evil hate-filled Iran would even negotiate with someone Jewish?)

Who would have a better chance of pushing legislation to get passed or break gridlock deadlocks with some much-needed LBJ-like backdoor arm twisting?
And which would inspire confidence and belief in the greatness which our nation is?

You know where I stand..  Maybe you see it completely different.

But one thing we can all agree -- this four-day weekend was truly a tale of two different media-unpopular candidates...

One who fights bullies and one who concedes