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Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Ban Flags on Poles then Flags on Clothes, then ??

A couple months ago the rotten soulless politicians in South Carolina with no respect for their history or in some cases, their ancestors caved in to black pressure and took down the CSA 'Stars n Bars'

This was followed by some retail stores banning the sale of the flag so blacks' feelings wouldn't be hurt and more importantly to them, wouldn't alienate them from shopping at their store.

And TV Land took 'Dukes of Hazzard' off air for same stupid reason, and Hasbro said they were taking the flag off the 'General Lee' even though they announced that two years prior..

Other state governments tried to push legislation to remove CSA flags from Civil War military cemeteries..
Today I read schools in South Carolina are banning students from wearing the CSA flag on their clothing with other states considering similar policy..

And on and on it goes..

All to appease the black & to crush all representations of factual history that might offend someone somewhere.

And so few have the will to fight back..   Even symbolically.
On my car, I have two Confederacy flag bumper stickers..

The 'Bonnie Blue Flag', the Original CSA flag which is a white 5-pointed star on a dark blue background and the Confederate Naval Jack which is 7 white stars in a circle among a same dark blue backdrop.

Its been on my car for months & I live in a racially mixed part of the country

Not a single person black or white as ever come up to me and asked what those flag stickers mean?  Zero!!  And not a single person -- knock on wood -- has done any damage to my vehicle based on those symbols..

Because people overall are Deeply Deeply Ignorant about this nation's history and proudly so.

They hate and despise that Stars n Bars to the point of ultimately pushing for a National 'Big Brother'-like ban based on how evil, racist groups in modern day took the flag and hijacked for their own dim social-political worldview..

And yet I drive a car with two Confederate flags on my rear windshield in a large northern urban city that twice heavily voted for President Oreo in a northern state and no one says or notices a thing!
If black people from 150+ years ago could rise from the dead and look at blacks today, their hearts would be full of Shame and Disgust!

How could such a people who pretend to be so tough and strong on the outside be so God-Damn emotionally Weak and sensitive to any word or symbol that may even slightly offend their sensibilities?

Blacks 150 years ago Truly did put up with a lot of shit.. terrible shit.. and Persevered and focused on the future.

Blacks today are Cowards.
Afraid of facing their past.. Scared of the future and unable to focus inwardly on bettering themselves without worrying what others who aren't blocking their path to their pursuit of happiness think and feel.

This PC nonsense will never end until you out there start fighting back and embracing what this country's First Amendment is really about:

"I may disagree (or hate) what you say (or feel) but I will fight to the death to defend your right to express it!!"

And those who are unwilling to understand or accept that basic fundamental principle of this great country are not True Americans