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Friday, August 7, 2015

GOP Primary Debate Summary: Trump is Trump

Last night was the first of many GOP Presidential primary debates (as there will be God knows a ton of Democrat ones as well) and it seemed everyone and their brother was running..

17 candidates!  Geez Louise!

So many are running there had to be two debates.. one at 5p for the candidates polling 11th through 17th (poor guy or gal) and the top 10 got the prime time audience.

Frankly, I watched practically none of it.
I completely skipped the 5p debate because even though people I know expressed positive opinions on ex-Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina who was one of the 7 on stage, I just can't take anyone remotely serious who isn't polling 10th or higher..

So speaking of taking serious (or in some people's minds, the complete opposite), the prime time debate was Trump and the 9 dwarfs (Dopey, Fatty, Darkie, Dull-y, Nerdy, etc..)

And because we're 5 full months from New Hampshire voting and many months more before my state gets to have a say, I just decided to focus my attention on the questions/responses involving one person..

Yes, Trump.
Before I get into the full summary as I saw it, I will share one thing I do admire about the man -- he completely understands how the politics and media game is played and is fully comfortable playing back..

For instance, what happens every Presidential cycle unless you're black and Democrat of course, is the media and pop culture outlets like late night talk shows (every single host is Democrat) and Saturday Night Live (Ugh!) take sincere candidates with good reputations and turn them first into characters then ultimately caricatures.

Everyone mocked and pigeon holed into this quickie stereotype that audiences can quickly identify with and lampoon among themselves.

Except black Democrats with last names that rhyme with 'Yo Mama!'
Trump has been around a long time.. been caricatured and mocked and lampooned so often by so many entities over so many decades, the man is absolute Teflon.

Does anyone really think anything mean and ugly spoken about Trump will make him sad or depressed?   Does chunky faced puppy dog Jeb Bush look like he could take it?

Anyways, thanks to watching it on YouTube, I literally could fast-forward through endless nonsense and get my daily dose of bluntness

What was most interesting to me was how outright Hostile the Fox anchors were toward 'The Donald'
The first question to supposedly all candidates but really to Trump asked by weasel Chris Wallace was for candidates to raise their hand if any would consider running independent if they were not the nominee.

And like well trained lap-dogs which all politicians are, 9 of the 10 kept their arms at their sides so not to upset their Republican masters (Democrat politicians are whores to their owners too-- no one's "shit" smells rosier than the other)

Trump raised his hand.

Why?  Because, like him, hate him or find him a clown, he is honest.

And if he does not win nomination and sincerely does run independent, no one can call him a liar and say 'You promised you wouldn't..'   Trump can say with straight face, 'No I didn't promise anything'
Later, Megyn Kelly went out of her way to ask Trump a question about women, painting the man as a viciously hurtful chauvinist, misogynist pig to which Trump accurately and humorously responded those attacks were mainly at bi-polar (my words, not his) Rosie O'Donnell

Trump then went out of his way to put Kelly in her place stating he's been nice to her thus far but maybe he really shouldn't be.  The audience seemed to enjoy that retort..

Of course what got lost was here was an opportunity for someone who works for a cable news outlet that pretty much everyone knows is more Conservatively biased (nothing wrong with that since MSNBC never apologizes for being left) to ask a policy question so voters can know where Trump stands on various issues..

And instead, you got a sensationalist Q that audiences could learn nothing from in terms of 'Is this man really the man capable of steering an economic recovery and creating jobs with real pay and a real future?'
Ultimately there was a question about Mexico addressed to Trump by Wallace trying to pigeon hole him on his comments that the Mexican government is directly involved in sending their worst of the worst across the border..

Most people would have felt sweaty palms over the PC pressures of the last month or two regarding his comments..

Trump basically took control of the question and put things in its proper place by rightfully expressing that if not for his comments, no one here would be talking at all on illegal immigration since it was a topic the GOP really didn't want to touch, especially in primaries.

Republicans feel a sense of desperation to court Hispanic voters and will say and do anything to appease.  That's what politicians and political parties do.

Trump obviously does not feel desperate to pander or mollycoddle.
Later on there were questions about the current ongoing never-ending war and ObamaCare and ultimately I got the gist and moved on to other things..

So what to take from last night?

Well.. love, like or loathe, I personally believe Trump is serious that he sees himself as a formidable candidate rather than someone just promoting himself then dropping out in autumn as some media dum-dums have suggested

I also believe its really difficult for anyone to stand out among 17 primary candidates seeking the same thing unless there's some kind of sparkle or glitz factor.
To be quite frank, I've always disliked the Republicans' economic policies and ideas -- that awful Reagan concept of trickle down economics, an absolute Refusal to properly tax the billionaire class and corporations, making the middle class and working poor have to pay the tab for all their mistakes, etc..

Its just the Democrats are such disingenuous rats..  No Democrat in a position of true power has stood up to Wall Street in any meaningful way since Carter back in the 1970s and of course the bloodsucker banksters responded by inwardly sabotaging the nation with excessively high interest rates.
Its like the axiom I often use to describe both parties..

Republicans will come up to you, not say a word and just slap your face as hard as they can.

Democrats will come up to you, slap your face very hard then suddenly say something like "Sorry, I was trying to kill a mosquito on your cheek"

Those who want the slap without the bullshit, find the Republican way desirable.

Those who prefer a spoonful of sugar to help the 'medicine' go down, prefer the Democrat style..

Personally, I just really don't want to be slapped at all...